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ugh i found them all except for the grey one

i love it and i want more, its amazing and i like the battle mechanics. I do think theres a lot you could add to the game and if you'd like id be happy to share my ideas (although you may have already thought of them yourself). oh and also you should make a discord server for your game.

this game is great and has alot of potential, i think adding a few rpg elements would really give it more vigarus gameplay, like an inventory you can fill with items( mabey a crafting system to boot), and mabey some skills (like a roll to dodge) or mabey a magic system(if you'd want). and also itd probably be good to add more weapons like bows, spears, ect and mabey if you have deoungeons or somthing the treatsure of the dungeons could be weapons  that have certain effects. sorta gushing over your game ... the last thing is that the world is kinda lonely itd probally be cool if there was some sprt of npc(s) that could fight with you if you could get them too, or have towns were you can buy stuff with the gems.