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Also, the batteries overall need some reworking I think. Active elements should be present, but hovering to charge makes it annoying rather than fun to interact with. It is mostly an idle type game once it gets to a certain point, and I find myself waiting for emission theory to get to a rediculous point to even have a shot at the next goal which makes the "active" hover on the batteries pointless. It is also annoying that at a certain point there are too many batteries to fit on the screen at the same time, so you can't get their full potential. If you want to keep the hover, maybe make it one button instead of several and make so that one battery upgrades several times rather than having multiple batteries?

Hey,  just a couple suggestions from what I see just starting the game. I would like more information on the prestige system/amulet. It would be nice to see the xp multiplier and whether it is accumulative or if it stays static if you haven't beaten your previous max. Also, maybe add a page or point system to the prestige other than the xp bonus so that it is a tad more interactive and you can choose perks/powers to help you in your further prestige runs. 

I have noticed that the fourth level of cyan doesn't seem to work? I might be misunderstanding it, but my batteries aren't charging themselves.