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I do have a question if you have spare time. When will the other controls be added? And this is a very good fan game so far! I look forward to future updates!

I think I did pretty well! I'd love to see what you add in the future! It has been added to my collection, Take care!

You're too sweet! You don't have to add my ideas! And I hope your break goes well, take care of yourself. Apologies for the late reply, It was my fathers birthday and I spent that time preparing for it.

I didn't know Construct 3 was a thing! Thank you so much! If I ever do make any games, I will shout you out in every one of them. It's the least I could do!

I don't have discord, so I will just spill on here I guess, heh. 

Perhaps a couple more upgrades? Such as different Pixels, or possibilities of different abilities? (i.e, a pixel that falls into the void but bounces back up for a second chance? Or maybe an ice pixel that slows all the other falling ones for easier pickup?

Custom Pixel and Paddle color? Either to be bought or earned through achievements?

Different powers? Perhaps interchangeable or upgradable? (I can come up with ideas for this as well)

And finally, maybe a setting that shrinks the pixels to give slower computers a better time handling it?

Sorry if this is a lot, you don't need to use any of these if they aren't what you're looking for! Id make my own games, but being 17 and not being allowed to have a job, hense no programming computer, makes it a tad hard. And of course, if you need any more ideas or anything, my bored butt is always here, feel free to ask. Sorry for the huge spiel, I really would make my own game if I could to avoid doing this to poor creators T^T

AHHHHH AN UPDATE ALREADY! I had no issues whatsoever with my game, and I absolutely love what you've done so far! If you're planning on adding more, I can give a few suggestions if you'd like.

I love it so far! Added it to my collection! I hope you do update it soon, I quite like it! Just remember to take breaks. <3

This is adorable! I hope you carry on with this game and make it have more features, that is, if you have free time! Ive added it to my collection in the meantime! Happy game making!

Where is our update, Soren- O^O

Idle community · Created a new topic Flash is retired?

It says I need flash, which is discontinued.. If I may, could I find a way to play without flash, be it another game or a  website or something? This game looks really fun and I want to play.

I love it! Its so cute! Please make more!

..Is there a way to mow the lawn-

Its cute, I hope you add more to it! Maybe health, the skeletons being enemies, or even just a hellfire mode for a million skeletons to attack the invincible pumpkin, lol.

Are these other people or just A.I.?

This is the cutest little game!! I absolutely love it! Added to my collection of favorites, I hope you update it soon! I´m eager to see what you come up with! Although I hope soon, take your time, you come first before games. Thank you for reading.

This is quite adorable, I hope you build up on it, or even make a new game entirely just to build it up more! Keep up the amazing work.

It says WebGL is missing when it isnt.. Is it something on my end? It loads up for a second then everything turns black

Woah, Really? Well, if you consider my ideas, I can make a list of office related things.

For instance..

Trash removal, Making the coffee, signing papers, giving out papers, different employees that do different things besides monitoring a man with a toilet on his screen (No hate at all, I find it funny.)

If you do consider other employees, maybe walking around to make sure they are working, or to upgrade them with the points made with the original man. 

I have more, however I feel as if I may be clouding your time. Thank you for considering my ideas, and have a great day! Also on another note, you dont need to add anything I put here. They are just ideas. You can change them however you like to fit the game.

I know this game isnt finished, but what else are you planning on adding? Are coffee and hiring women the only things we can do at the moment?

I will, Thanks for reading, and don't rush to fix it! Take your time.

No hurry, its alright, but thank you for reading.

Breakball Incremental community · Created a new topic Bugs

There is a bug where I assume the ball moves so fast it goes through the flippers and the guide rails on the side. 

The game loads up fine, however it turns to a black screen with a white button in the left corner.

Are we only allowed to plant one of each seed? Didn't know if it was a bug or intentional, apologies.

Thats the neat part

You dont

You must have to update your computer the

Yep, found it super cool I could play it here

Eso fue aterrador pero genial, sigan con el increíble trabajo.

(Lo siento, mi español no es muy bueno)

This is adorable! I absolutely love it!

No problem, hope its easy to fix!


I expected it to be a one shot type thing, but there was so much more to it! Amazing!

Finished it! A sequel would be amazing!

It looks amazing so far! Added to my collection for when you update. Im expecting t e r r o r :)

Bug -

If you spam click the wrong wanted person, it glitches the time and makes it not go down anymore.

If you ever decide to update it, there could be a lot of potential things to be added. Im already addicted, added to my collection in case you do update.

I already love this! Cant wait for more updates!

I reached the endless sky

It was fun!

This was absolutely adorable. Saved to my collection to make future friends!