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Now that I think about it, I do remember Karen refering to him  as "ruler of the void" at one point (can't remember if it was before or after she is actually written in Serenity in her true self, but Ido remember this one piece of dialogue). So it was kind of specified, you just have to be damn attentive to dialogue itself and connect dots every now and again. 

Soooo if I had to guess... (and I have to, for now) I'd say shade magic was probably never really linked to evil and/or negative things, at least not until dark writting began. Because Shade herself isn't evil and never was, she doesn't want to plot against the king or anything, she just wants balance. And since shade magic is ALSO focused on lust (I previously thought it was purely focused on negative feelings and thoughts), I imagine that it's origin also isn't necessarily linked to any form of "primal evil". But I can't quite imagine what it would take to create the opposite form of magic to fade, which by itself originates from something even more mysterious and could very well be involved. 

I've actually been thinking about this exact point of the lore: how all three sources of magic came to be. I imagined some Big Bang-esque event in which whatever form of chaotic magic that existed was broken down into three components, the ones we know today as two sources of magic that are entirely opposite to each other and a third component that, from what I understand, can give control over both...? Because with the sometimes (by that I mean often) clunky plot points of Ch1, it was never really specified what the white flame can and can't do. Sometimes people would tell us that it can do anything and sometimes they'd tells us that it has several limitations. 

To this day, after playing through Ch1 three times, I still don't understand if the MC is or is not the ruler over both Fade and Shade. By that I mean if he could learn to control shade magic if he wanted to, something that would be extremely useful in avoiding what Cammie and Mia did to him. One because he'd have more control over his feelings and therefore more resistance to the shade, and two because he'd be able to see someone setting a trap like Mia's from eons away just by feeling that very familar magic. Or, worst case scenario, would be more than capable to break himself out of said trap using shade magic. All in all I do hope that Fade and Shade themselves get some time in the update so we can learn even more about the magic and about them as well, 'cause I also wanna know what they truly are. Just angels? Goddesses that are the very sources of magic personified? Something deeper? And just how sexy can Shade's english accent possibly be? 

Wait a minute, ignore that last one-

So the epilogue will also contain what you can call a "subtle cliffhanger" for the next game? I love and hate you at the same time, Killer. More love than anything, though. You really know how to build the hype.

OH RIGHT... man, how long has it been since I played CH2EP1 again...? I can't even remember if I made a review on it... I either forgot to review IT or Last Human, probably both given my extensive knowledge on my own level of stupidity. 

Yeah, I do remember that short dialogue now, he was talking to... Kat? Jas? Morgan? Anyway, I'm currently replaying through CH1 for the third time (because... reasons) then I'm gonna play CH2EP1 again and definitely remember everything that I need to remember about, including Marissa being alive and the other girls staying in the island. 

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Hold on, that's actually the android girl? I thought "Well, Fire probably gonna say that's just Morgan and she's fighting Rin and yadayada" 'cause I thought she was doing some spell that caused her eye to go white, and I do remember Marissa having an eyepatch. Didn't expect her to come back tho, with all of that "let's put her soul to rest in peace" speech someone gave after Rin drained the Dragon Script out of her. 

And Rin looks really good, yeah. She already impressed me all the way back in her ascension, her and Kat's forms are my favorites (I don't necessarily dislike any of them, don't get me wrong), and since then she only gets better. So you get bragging rights for that, Fire. 

Hell, she even made me debate who is the best dragon girl, 'cause before Rin, Zara from Oppai Odyssey was hands down the best. But now she has strong competition XD

Btw, the arena is looking pretty good too. From what few bits and pieces I can see, it looks a lot better than I imagined. 

The new artstyle is already confusing me... trying real hard to understand if thats Morgan or the undead/android/dragon-scripted girl in the second render

Also, when I thought Rin`s Fury Form could not get any sexier... she`s working hard for the award of best dragon girl.

I mean, isn't this weapon hitting everyone nowdays? I was spared until now for some reason. Maybe not looking good at all is finally paying off, but I digress. 

First of all, shit are you really approaching the end of Book One? How long have I been asleep? Did I lose anything? Did the Old Ones finally take over my brain? Anyway... I like the approach of making the "Gender Canon" thing. Especially by making it that whatever each individual player is doing in their game or whatever name or gender they chose is set in entirely alternate realities, because that's not something often done even by big names in gaming. For an example, to this day more than 10 years after it's release, it was never set in stone who the Dragonborn is. Was he a man? Was he a Nord? Maybe he was a female dark elf? 

Of course there will be people who proudly hold sticks up their own assholes regarding things they understand very little about wanting to jump on your throat for this, but you made it clear that it won't invalidate their in-game stories and choices. If they decide to whine about it, it's not your problem. After all even in the AVN community there are many developers currently playing with the idea of alternate reality/multi-dimensional stories. 

All in all, I 100% support this idea. Now if you'll excuse me I'll find myself an Elder Sign to ward off whatever tricks the Old Ones are playing on me and get back to Mythos.

Something tells me that, if the little cat ends up visiting a certain island, she's going to want your head on a pike for choosing Sandra as your favorite, K 😂

If she finds out, that it. Something very possible in that place

Ironically I downloaded Ch1 just a few days ago to replay it on my laptop and get myself ready for episode 2 (of ch2), remember a few key details, get the hype going, you know the deal. I don't even remember any "questionable" content in the game other than that handful of scenes with... Cassie? Whatever her name was. Y'know, the demon girl. Those could be considered "reverse rape" by more sensitive people, but to be honest I've seen so much questionable content being marked as "BDSM" and such that I just glance over this type of scene in games. I literally only started paying attention again when Katy showed up to kick some ass. 

Judging by the quality of ALL the previous renders I highly doubt my laptop will be able to run this beauty, meaning that I will need  to go through some witchcraft of my own to make it work (barely), so here we fuckin` go 

Call me a pervert, but seeing how we're going to see a lot of Rin in episode 2, I hope the promised lewd scene with a super tall dragon-cat girl is in the plans... y'know, for research purposes... 

I think you're forcing yourself a little, K. Just drop the design of the girls for now and pick it back up maybe a few days after MNF is officially finished, or whenever you start officially working on MNF2, then you can post pictures of the final design of each girl as teasers as development goes on. 

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So she's basically nuts and a masochist to boot. An odd combo. 

Btw, is it just me or MC looks like Connor from Detroit Become Human? 

I'm gonna guess that Momiji's first physical appearance in the next update will leave a very big and surprising impression... unless this is just "for the viewer's pleasure"

´´This game requires use of GL2 that can`t be initialised´´

This goddamn error screen has been haunting me in many games, and it seems that Lucky Paradox joined the party. Did some research and it seems to be linked to ´´Opengl´´ but I couldn´t find out how to update it, so it could also be a spec issue since I´m playing on bonestock laptop. Any help regarding this problem is welcome.

She'll probably end up as a major fan favorite, unless we get a despicable MC in LH. I doubt it but who knows...

I know BUT Serenity  ch2ep1 was so good that it left me yearning for a lot more

Don't ask me to "hang in there" when I'm starving for some romance filled with nekos, sir.

That's some ungodly timing, man 😆

I literally just logged in to check another game's page and received your message here. Kthulian literally goes "I'm Godspeed" out of the blue.

Ok, cool. I saw the "pet" thing and considered the possibility. Good to know, at least for me.

She's hot and all but... the whole "pet" thing there, is it just something cultural of her people? Just asking because, to be honest, I'm not into sub/dom stuff and all of that so if she's planned as a side love interest, I might end up avoiding her unless she has a standard love route. 

Also, panther girls now? Getting rather complex but cultured here, Mr. N2. I like the variety. 

The image there looks kind of creepy... foreshadowing some big problems?

The girls look somewhat similar to the nekos from Serenity, especially Natalie and Kalina who both remind me of Lena and Rin respectively.

I personally have always liked  when there are similarities between characters from one game and another, it brings this weird feeling of familiarity. I noticed some subtle changes in the looks of the girls in Serenity (or there were none and I'm just dumb), but I do hope these are the final designs of the nekos here in LH.

Man, these are some drastic changes. I like it. Sandy kind of reminds me of Alex (Sylphine) mixed with Becca which means 100% Milf mode in the next game... nice. And now I'm curious for this major plot point, it's not hard to notice how Elaine seems to be in her mid 40s at worst when supposedly she's much older but I didn't know that there was some plot to it. Even if it isn't some sci-fi thing, it's still interesting. 

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Here I am again, being honest on Act II. Took me long enough, I think. 

Well, I'm surprised that Act II brought mixed feelings about the game to the table. Some aspects that I covered in my review were slightly improved while others... to be honest got worse, hell I even have some VERY practical examples to use this time. Let's start with the Meanwhile scenes, shall we? These honestly got worse, man. 

For the practical example, I'm going to use the scene involving Bredita and Ayna. While I don't mind lesbian scenes in games one bit, my problem with that scene, which applies to every other Meanwhile scene, sexual or not, is that it is inserted ONLY for the "viewers pleasure" without adding anything to the story. And yet when Ayna gets down to business and confronts Bredita about turning Katarro on them and raising an army of undead (which were never brought up again, btw), the scene just ends. Seriously, these are just infuriating by now. I literally rolled my eyes at every single one of them. From this scene with those two never deciding what they actually want, if Bredita is a bad girl or not, to Pride and Lust turning Suntako into a demon, or Pride fighting some battle that seems to have nothing to do with what I was currently doing or with the story in general. *Sigh* I think I already made my point, if there's one thing in the game that I actually hate, probably even more than giant spiders, it's the Meanwhile scenes. 

Moving on, now with a topic that I didn't bring up in the review but now I desperately need to: the MC. 

Seriously, it took me a while to play Act II, but what happened between I and II that turned the MC into a dumbass? I literally don't remember him being some airhead getting teased by every single person in their plane of existance. Hell, I even expected Ataegina herself to show up and mock him a little (another chracter that is  still in the waiting room, I hope the plot needs her again soon...). Man, I'm really into the game, like roleplaying and shit, but it's hard to feel like some hybrid demon demi-god (or actual demon demi-god reincarnated, take your pick) when the character just makes himself into a clown most of the time, or is completely fine with other people making him look like one all the time.

Next topic: the battle system, and the big flaws in it. And I'll also throw in the now pretty much non-existant Freeroam.

Act II probably introduced one of the coolest support characters so far (No offense to KVLT): Arcanis. I really liked him, and of course the battles before meeting him were fun as well... or were they? I literally just spammed Terror and threw in Wraith once I got the "lucky" two turns with the opponent being scared. Illusion is way too OP, man. I remember writing in the review "what is the use of a stats system without practical use, right?" or something along those lines. But now I have to change everything: what is the use of both the battle system and stats if all you need to do is spam Illusion spells and throw in some Necromancy to recover the MP? 

Hell, when I actually was presented to Arcanis I had 147 points to redistribute and the choice was easy: 50 for Illusion, 50 for Necromancy and the remaining 47 for Battlemagic just as a formality. And I take the opportunity here to throw in the Freeroam system in the topic, first thought I had at that moment: "I literally will never return here again for the remainder of the game, better be certain of my 'playstyle' here and now". Literally through the entirety of Act II we only had some sort of Freeroam just once. Do you understand how broken it felt back in Act I and how worse it feels now? I didn't even take any future stat-based choices into account, which was a fuck up to me. If some situation similar to Ryo's father pops up again, I'm basically fucked. I built a weird Necro-Illusionist battlemage just to survive the crazy, luck-based battles by that much. If I use the wrong spells (i.e. literally any other than Terror and/or Wraith), I'm dead. All in all, I think I will need to either replay the entire game from Act I balancing skills and skipping battles (whatever that does to the game), or keep going like that to see where and how it will end. 

 Now, the two things that improved even by a tiny amount: the overall storytelling and relationship with some individual characters.  I won't stretch this because I might be making a fool of myself and nothing changed, meaning that I'm desperate to see some light in the darkness. 

I felt some kind of slow down on the pace, the scenes still go at breakneck speed, however this time it feels like the pieces fall into place in a more coordinated manner somehow. Like from the attack at Ryo's castle to the encounter with Chang, new interactions with Ryo, introduction to Kanmi, etc. 

Everything seems to flow a bit better, but still with rushed dialogues, short scenes and sex scenes being jammed down my throat without much context. Then there's the Meanwhile scenes which keep throwing me off... and it's funny how you often put them right after the MC teleports somewhere. 

As for relationship with characters, I felt a slight improvement after the scenes with Cerea. A little bit more of bonding, even if there wasn't much in the way of actual dialogues and exploring the character herself (come on, being a demon has to be interesting somehow) and much more in the way of just showing how she can feel the same way humans do. A small step in the right way is a step in the right way nonetheless.

To summarize this: my feelings are all over the place, but still a positive view on the game.

Before I end it, if you were serious about getting in touch on Discord here's my contact (made a second account just in case): MadRogue#9002 

I'll gladly share any ideas for the game.

I was in fact wondering where did Act II go 😂

Literally after finishing writing my review I went straight to the download and it said that either it was removed by Mega or you. I was like "either an update is right around the corner so he removed the file or something went wrong".

Now, about your question: there are so many things that I'd change or straight up remove from the game like these "Meanwhile" scenes (and maybe those 8 legged, nightmare-inducing monstrosities, but that's just me) but if I had to pick one and only one thing to change, it would be the overall relationship with characters, with a lot of attention given to Mida. That would demand a LOT of rework (in fact, I think it would pretty much demand a full remake) but to me that's the most important thing in any game, and I really missed it here. 

About Discord, I do have it. Idk if there is a way to PM you here with my code, in case there isn't then I'll just leave it here. If I can help the development with what few ideas come to my mind, I certainly will. 

Thanks... I guess? Like I said, I was just being honest ^^"

And the game has been going on for years already? There are people who do these reviews in a much more "professional" way. How come they didn't show up here? Holy crap... well, I'm glad to be of service, I think.

If Serenity Island is anything to go by regarding character design on HS2, I'm pretty sure I'll like the new designs, then again it might not be for everyone. 

Just finished playing ep1 and goddammit, I wanted so much more! A heartwarming, "welcome back" kind of experience. For this first release I was able to experience the game in it's full quality and holy shit, was ch1 this pretty? If it was, ch2 raised the stakes. I might replay ch1 on my laptop while waiting for ep2, almost sure of that!

And what a chachacha real smooth move on your part huh, N2? Melody saying that the MC of Serenity and her music tutor have the same name. I really liked it, it reminded me of something in one of the scenes with Jas in ch1. The MC has a brief inner monologue about "other realities/dreams" (by that I imagine he referred to other games, like Sylphine, etc.) so... is this a way of connecting all of the "dreams"? Whatever you intended with this one line, it was cool, and it pretty much removed the whole "multiverse cucking" element I joked about in my review of the last episode of ch1 XD

Now I'm divided between wanting to play Last Human and wanting to see ep2 of Serenity, damn you! Anyways, I'd say that ch2 is a complete success. I really felt the much needed slow down on the pace, while still feeling that positive energy and an improvement on the funny bits like the "titty party", I mean was I supposed to laugh? I kind of did, more than I probably should! XD

You keep up the amazing work and stay healthy, N2. Eager for a lot more of this AND for Last Human. 

Just finished act I a lot sooner than I thought I would, and wanted to make an honest review about it. By that I mean that I'm going to be... well, honest about the game. What I liked, disliked, literally my overall experience. My objective here is to not offend the developer (not actively, if I do it without realizing it feel free to call me out), so if anyone else feels offended by my opinion on this game... well, I couldn't care less. With that said:

Definitely an interesting experience, not many games create this classic RPG setting full of the typical cliches of actual tabletop roleplay sessions mixed with some cliches from RPG video games as well. I like the design of characters and enviroments as well, there was a considerable amount of effort in making the game not look like a bunch of stock assets put together. 

However, and this is where the whole thing of being honest without offending you, the developer, comes into play... let's get into detail on how my personal experience quickly devolved into a somewhat painful, a bit rushed and at the same time repetitive insistance of seeing act I to the end. Let's start by the prologue in it's entirety, from the first few scenes all the way to the timeskip. It felt weird at first because the dialogues were rather short and sometimes bland but I put all that aside thinking "well, prologues are normally the first thing on the to-remake list of developers so I won't look too much into it." but it didn't take long for me to notice that the same issues of the prologue still were there, they were part of it. None of the dialogues were particularly inspiring, even the ones giving huge chunks of lore like the conversation with Sloth, not to mention the fact that each scene with a character didn't last more than a few minutes, which led to basically me not caring about most of the characters at all, relationship building wasn't really a thing throughout the whole game. 

Especially because some characters sometimes appeared (or were seeked by the MC) only for sex scenes and the cherry on top of this problem alone is that Mida, supposedly the character that I should care about the most given that she's the MC's girlfriend, was the one who suffered the most with this. In a Cinema Sins way of speaking: she literally vanishes until the plot (or a sex scene) needs her again, and this is true for many other characters, pretty much ALL of them. Which was funny because right on the timeskip, which came WAY too early and only reinforced the problem of relationship building being basically non-existant, when it is told that the MC started dating Mida I thought "well, maybe now things will slow down a bit and we'll get to the serious stuff with maybe, and I'm totally in for that, romance" but alas... none of it happened, and it made the corruption and love points system useless.

Next there's this "Meanwhile" thing... honestly, with the breakneck speed of dialogues and the rushed story that sometimes kept going in circles around itself, the whole game felt like a huge "Meanwhile". What I mean is: don't show me what led to a certain battle or major event in the story, show me ONLY the consequences, the actual battle or major event and leave me to wonder what led to it. Not to mention that out many of these were sex scenes that I couldn't care less about. Bredita raping a helpless, mind controlled girl or some demon guy fucking his sister, like what the fuck? Don't I have better things to do? Training? Interacting with chatacters to advance the plot?

Now that I've mentioned it, the story of the game... during the prologue it felt like a slow-burn (as slow as it could be given everything that I mentioned) but, again, after the timeskip is when problems start. This feeling that it kept going in circles, always talking about the same things and same characters, and constant repetition mixed with the "Freeroam mode" (add a billion quotes there) honestly made me want to give up sometimes. But I persisted, and I'll mention the reason at the end of this.

To be honest, it only felt like the story started to move foward during the fight with Gluttony, when the game just decides to force me to use Lucifer's power (or Lich, I started refering to him like this after understanding that he is the father of the sins, even though he might have whatever name Ataegina gave him) instead of giving me another choice and this one could've been used as a big alignment change: if the player uses his power, he loses like 5 points or more, and if he doesn't, Ataegina shows up (again, only because the plot needs her) and unlocks a part of the MCs power temporarily, leading to the same battle plus a few more alignment points for choosing to "stay in the path of light". Then you could've progressed with the script, going to hell and talking to Sloth, everything else happens normally. By the way, the alignment system felt basically as useless as the love and corruption points. I played a rather neutral route, doing what I wanted to and ended with almost 20 points (towards good), but the only times where it was mentioned were during the what, 2 or 3 times Ataegina appeared after the timeskip? 

Last but not least important: the battle system. I honestly don't mind a battle system in the game, afterall what would be the use of a stats system without practical use, right? The problem is making it just a minigame of random luck, where it's very easy to lose in the early game because you don't do much damage and the enemy damage is basically random, but almost impossible to lose later on because while the enemy is stuck somewhere between 6 and 15 points of damage, the MC deals more than 30 each round, I managed to deal like 50 points of damage many times myself using batflemagic. So... do what you want with the minigame, personally I'm just here for a fantasy story. And honestly I couldn't take most of the battles seriously due to the clunky plot. Believe me, by the time I reached that fight with "Horror", "Terror" or whatever he was called, instead of being confused or intimidated by it, I was like "Get dead, bitch. Anti-Eldritch squad here!". 

So, to summarize my experience: high hopes that quickly devolved into painful insistance of seeing what would happen next, hoping that the problems would slowly be solved, meaning that they were attended to with each update. And my opinion on the game is pretty much the same I had after finishing the triology of a game called Breeding Island, not known by many who only use as their source of NSFW games. I believe that only someone who has seen a book, movie or game to the end has the right to give opinions about it, basically because they sat through the entire experience on their own. And I knew that there was a big chance that I was losing precious time of my life after finishing Breeding Island 1 but I still gave a chance to both the second and third game, because I still had hope and because of this point ot view. My opinion on it? A total waste of time.

I'm sorry to say but if Ataegina keeps going like this, I fear that by the end of Act II or by the end of whatever act is the final one I'll have the same opinion  I had on Breeding Island, and believe it or not but I don't want to. Why? Because the Grand Canyon-sized difference between your game and that one is that you're putting effort in it, even with the many setbacks I mentioned that can be solved rather easily. I don't want to finish Ataegina and think "what a fucking waste of time" because, at the end of the day, I still like this game. For what it is now, with many flaws, and for what it can be with the right fixes and maybe a step-by-step series of updates focusing on remaking it.

Well, this was a lengthy text of me... being honest. Again, offending the developer wasn't my intention at any moment, and nothing that I said here will stop me from playing Act II, I just wanted to get everything out of my chest before moving on. 

On a late side note: I hate the fact that there are actual giant spiders in the game, which 100% adds to the authenticity of the fantasy experience, but as a guy who suffers from severe aracnophobia, highly stimulated after getting a few hours of Skyrim + The Witcher 3: Heart of Stone in, I can't help but hate it. And I hate the fact that, of all things, you nailed the cliche moments of them appearing. Had to wander into a frost cave to hide from a blizzard? Look upwards... :) Exploring some ancient ruin looking for relics and old knowledge? Hey, what's that in the darkness? Looks big... :)

You should know that games using this and other words to refer to relatives are games mainly supported by patreon. It's not the devs fault, it's yours for simply not looking up an incest patch, a rather common thing to be made nowdays, for games fully focused on the tag or not.

I'm actually eager to see how they'll look after the time skip. Even if they change a lot, I'm all in for some shocking changes. And MNF 2 of course, that'll be a piece of it's own.

Man, I don't even remember when I first played LP. Only reference I have is that Maxy's storyline ended right after she left Barrie's, what was that, 0.6? 5? This game has come really far since then, Stawer. Congrats, man. You deserve it.

Just to be sure, N2: is it just "plug and play" or do I need my most recent save backed into ch2 before starting?

What does one thing has to do with the other? Honest question.

Hell yeah, I hope the little animations are kept. For introducing characters and such. 

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Welp, finally finished the game ("finished") and what a trip... this was just a prologue? Holy shit... 

Anyway, as I promised here's a humble review including some points on your reply to my first comment, which I appreciate. This will be rather long because this game has some serious potential, so I want to cover every single point with an honest, detailed opinion.

First and foremost, a good plot even though it takes from several other games, movies, and everything else in it's themes including the whole "Friendship (or polygamous love, in this case) is magic" with a little bit of "become the alpha" and this is not a bad thing because, the way I see it, some plots and tropes are timeless and their success depend entirely on how they're used.

For my second point I'll take the opportunity that the game is currently a prologue and go straight to pointing out what I didn't like or felt odd, if my opinion is worth anything, that is. I mean, there are some people who want to see literal rape in games, so... 

First off, and this bothers me often, the MC. No, not his personality, no, not (most of) his actions, his FACE. If this was a kinetic AVN, I wouldn't mind seeing him, seeing what he looks like even though males for some reason always look the same (and are ugly as fuck) in adult games. But since this is a straight up choice-based AVN, things would work a lot differently if we could experience at least 90% of the game through the MC's eyes. Let me use a good example here: that scene on the pool with Leyla and Samir. He asks some rather deep, serious questions about what kind of man the MC is in the love and sex department (in an elegant manner, of course), but I, the player, didn't feel particularly pressured by the choices I was making. Why? Because Samir was looking at "someone else". You get it? Re-imagine that scene in a POV manner, with him almost literally looking at the player. People judge you based on everything you do and/or say, and some people simply don't give a fuck while other people live based on how others judge him/her (which is a sad lifestyle), and Samir would do exactly that with his eyes and his words to the player, and the player himself would feel more pressured to be honest, to lie or do whatever he/she thinks is right.

Second, and this is a problem seen often on games that, after becoming big, is too late to fix: the build-up, sexual or otherwise, of the game. I know that this was just the prologue but it has to be discussed nonetheless.

On the sexual front, game literally starts with a sex scene to introduce us the main character, OUR character. My opinion on it? Totally unnecessary. Yes, the scene can happen, but let the tension build up a little bit. Example of how that scene could be remade: we see the MC sitting on his bed, clearly trying to put his thoughts together or something and, instead of introducing himself, put a narrator in the game and name the character right then and there saying "this is your story... the story of the man known as...", ok maybe less dramatic. After that he answers the door, because he was waiting for his friend (forgot her name, she vanished and we were introduced to 100 other characters, hard to keep up) who wanted to visit, they chat a for a while and the conversation eventually drifts towards how the MC and his childhood friend used to blow steam off together, which is all a try to tease him and make him unleash his beast on her. THAT is a good way to build up the tension. 

Story wise I felt the same, even for a prologue and with "average reading speed", it felt rather rushed. From that red-eyed woman, a detail that made who she was obvious to me, crying about a big discovery to Maria (the very same lady) and her friend/agent (forgot her name as well, only re-appeared by the end of the prologue) busting down the door to meet/save the MC, everything felt at least a little bit rushed, again EVEN for a prologue. If taken care of now, this problem will never bother you again down the road. You won't have this mentioned in every single review in every release of a new version.

Last point, and this one bothered me the least but still left a big "?" stapled on my forehead whenever it happened: outcome of choices. What are they? In your reply to my earlier comment you mentioned the Karma and Lust system. A system that never fails if planned correctly early on alongside a good script, however whenever there was a choice, I couldn't feel the changes (third time, yes, prologue, but still), be it by the visual reaction of the characters or by the dialogue, which is my go-to mean of evaluating the impact of my choices, I simply couldn't feel it, or at all in some cases. 

I will use an example of a choice that probably confused me the most: the one about Mina and Lily having sex to help Lily bear with the side effects of facing her fear of men. She leaves entirely up to the player and says something like "if you do mind that...", and when she says this I believe she was talking about exclusively the act itself, one of his future wives having sex with another woman, not the the raw fact of two girls having sex. It's not meant to call the player a homophobic son of a bitch. Am I right? Because the choice itself doesn't make me feel the change at all, and I literally put in more logic on this one choice. Mina says that Lily will "love him" after she tells her that he allowed them to keep doing what they're doing, so what I understand is that the player HAS to let it happen to get to Lily later on if he wants to? (I don't even know if we can at all, but I'll cover this point soon) Or is this more of a route system? The player can let Lily and Mina do what they're doing and get close to Lily as it happens OR tell Mina to stop and build his relationship with Lily from scratch and help her face her fear as he does so, which would make sense because she'd be doing it with someone she KNOWS she can trust... supposedly. What I mean with all of this is:  the system is good here, it just needs refinement related to the outcome, same goes for lust which is even more confusing because you went with numbers for that one choice with Leyla, numbers that aren't kept anywhere. And no, I'm not asking for you to add colored text saying "Good Karma increased" or "X character's lust increased to 69", just refine the outcome. Reactions, dialogue, etc.

Now with all of that out of the way, let's get to the point I just mentioned using Lily as an example. About "getting to her", I mean. This is in fact a harem game, and the harem is part of the plot itself, and it's not uncommon for harem games to have a cast of main girls, in the case of I-word games this one involves mostly family members and close friends of the family, and a cast of side girls. With that said: who will actually be available for relationships in the game? For the record, I picked Normal mode. And even with that, I kept asking myself which girls would end up being options, which ones were main girls and which ones were side girls, if there is a main and side cast AT ALL. After you killed that "Mr. Walker" dude (which pleased me a lot, he's the kind of scum I'd love to beat into next friday) I thought "Welp... KK just gonna kill every husband in the game, won't he? This will be a big ass harem full of girls and widows" and I hope that's not the case. I can see how the deaths of some male characters can impact the story in a good way, like fuelling the MC's drive to become king and avenge them (that goes for you Anton, pretty sure you're next...) or just scum like Mr. Walker getting what they deserve. By the way, I made this joke about Mr. Rossbem and... y'know... I'm not saying I WANT him dead but... Maria is pretty hot... and I have a thing for powerful woman, but that's me. Judge all you want. Anyway, I'm just curious to know if we'll only ever get the 5 girls of the main harem needed for the battle of heirs and THEN develop the other relationships in a second/third and final part of the game or if it'll be a secret thing between the MC and the other characters who aren't the 5 girls. Because you did bother to change all the names to landlady and what not, unless this was done only because of Lilith who is the first girl mentioned by Maria. 


NOW, on to what I did like about the game. First the story itself, a mix of timeless tropes like I said but interesting in it's own right. It's set in the modern world but with a glimpse into the middle ages, it's a mix I've never seen before, the modern world with the misoginy, prejudice, raw corruption and mad power grab of the old kingdoms. I like your special attention to the characters's personalities, honestly as a guy who actually respects women, nothing pleased me than seeing things like Maria killing that gang leader or getting Mr. Walker off of the equation. I hope we see more respectable people, men and women alike, later on. 

The music selection was nice, rather standard free-to-use material but I can see that you put some work on picking the ones that suited the scenes, I exceptionally liked the one used for Maria's penthouse scene. I'm a sucker for Trap/Drill beats, and that one really set the mood for the scene. (Btw I looked for the name of the song in the game's files but forgot I was playing on android 😅 so if you have it...).

About the designs and animations, pretty good as well, and I KNOW the animations were good because my phone couldn't handle most of them. Already debating on playing the game on my laptop, might reach a conclusion before the next release, but these were well made. Like I said male characters all look the same because of the engines, even if you put all the work in the world on them, but the girls looked unique (also cute and/or hot) in their own right. 

All in all, a good, solid game with an ungodly amount of potential. Keep getting those updates out and you'll see the fanbase growing with them. That's just the way the game goes. (pun 101% intended)

Can hardly wait for what comes next! 

The I-word fetish is that popular nowdays? I mean, I've played a few games myself but didn't know other people were ONLY into that. Some say the pandemic plays a big part in this sudden appreciation of the I-word thing, others say that it is purely society itself changing (at least in it's outer circles) but what do I know about that. 

About LH on Steam... I think I can support that idea, even if it means not playing the game. A few game devs who put their games on Steam ended up having to price the game on as well (ex: My New Memories, by Killer himself), but not all of them which is strange. You deserve the support, man. But at the end of the day, it's up to you and the "logistics" of a devs life.

Also, stop make me thrilled for Serenity! I miss this game! 

After a long "drought" of sorts, finally a new, interesting game. Although you mentioned corruption being included, a mind control serum or a witch/demon girl giving you mind control powers doesn't seem to be the thing. So I guess the MC is going to become powerful using his wits and dick alone? 

Anyway, gonna download it now and give a more detailed review once I'm done.

These are some changes, man. I like it, especially the whole tournament idea. Really ambitious plans, and I like the idea of having a mean to contact the freaking mayor, the most mysterious character of them all (besides that weirdo Kamen Rainor... just as mysterious and freaky). This was a major spoiler for me because I didn't play the recent update since I'm debating whether to bear with the severe limitations of my phone or try to test the game on my laptop, but I didn't know that the mayor could be reached in a physical place inside Argleton due to the whole Machine deal, so I always thought Johan was out of reach unless he was the one trying to reach someone.