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Please do something about the dialogue thing it's so annoying

I've tried to do that my android doesn't let me open files like that

It's bugged for me but you get all stats maxed and keep shame at zero then try in the hotel but it won't let me so idk


Can't cross the line have all stats up and shame at zero tried in the car and in the hotel still nothing rip my 10$ I guess


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Add cheats or an ability to change your stats manually for mobile users cus I can't edit files on android

Try the older Version so much more stuff in that one

Fr bc it's totally different from the original

yeah he says that but this game is dead on fully dead

Dead game

It's a common bug he just won't fix or update the game anymore so don't waste your time it's a dead game

Do I get any perks for paying for the game like cheats or aanything like that?

For everyone wondering its basically a dead game he says he'll update but won't say when and if it does update it'll be a payed on on Patreon 

have to join the Patreon to download any updates and as far as I know you can play on mobile it's just buggy

sounds good man like I said it's a good game and I enjoy it but it's just lacking some stuff right now

Good game sucks there is no sex scenes in the free version I guess it's to make people buy the game but idk 10$ seems a little steep for a porn game but it's just my opinion the game itself is good tho

yes and no like we might get the uupdate but not anytime soon maybe like a year or do

Someone got a link for a walkthrough?

Where are all the chimichangas located at I've gotten 9 so far

For everyone asking about the update it probably won't happen here you'll need to join the Patreon although you can join the discord you will be mocked for asking about the update by the owner and his friends so don't expect one to happen here

Sad I can't play this anymore bought it for Android can't run it cus joiplay plug ins can't be downloaded on my device it's too new

not to sure I can ask

So no cheats for the new update kinda sucks that I paid for them and don't have them anymore

Like a week if you're Patreon and like a month if you're not

youre late my guy


I didn't realize you made the awakening but the animations looks familiar big fan is there gonna be a continued story with Eli or is that it?

Troglodytes are out here fr

Thanks for your useless reply it really adds a lot to the general conversation

Was pretty bored playing this

I've had this issue too I just push in the direction it's going and it usually stops when I let go

Yea I ended up joining the discord they have a guide and people to help out so I got it thank you

What's the code for the safe?

figured as much

Trying to complete the "hang out with Cassie and Alissa" quest but I can't figure it out any help?

I do have it

Dead game

Any plan for an Android version I've played lust doll plus ((love it)) and I'm about to start playing elf jail