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Name: Audrina

Age: 18

Past: Audrina was left on the steps of a untouchable, ever since she grew up she couldn't stop thinking about who her parents were.

Hobbies:  Reading and finding flowers.

Fav food: Flowers

Likes: Her new mother (the untouchable)

Dislikes: The bullies (Idk what their names are ;-;) and squirrels (don't ask) 

Unique feature: She has two blind eyes, and her two blind eyes stay open when she sleeps.

It looks noice in mah opinion

I luv it

Very Nice! :D

Ty! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Name: Maridel

Age: 16

Likes: Star gazing, pastel colours especially blue and pink and small rodents (well to eat I guess)

Dislikes: Her left eye (its orange)

Best friend: Harlow

Fav food: Rodents (don't ask ;w;)

irori community · Created a new topic 10/10 :>

Heart Warming and  always raises my spirits!

Name: Glanta

Age: 19

Species: Some sort of alien

Likes: Trying on different clothes and drawing

Dislikes: Planet Earth!

I'd appreciate if ya'll could give me some ideas (plz) :>

I luv your colour choice! =D

Here I am :>

(Soz I tried to show the faded dye in my hair and it came out bad.)  -v-

Name: Willow

Age: 17

Likes: Winter, Painting and Sleeping -v-

Dislikes: Dawn and Summer.

Willow also likes to be alone with her thoughts, making her very creative. She acts shy in front of others, but inside she is strong and powerful.

Say Hello to Aiya!

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Singing, gardening and her Mother!

Dislikes: Her dad (Cheating on her mother)

Status: Single

Name: Tulip Tade

Age: 17

Likes: Dancing and singing

Dislikes: Cats and children (age 6-10)

Sexuality: Bisexual

You look Marvellous!


This is me Irl, I'm Les and that's all! Hope ya'll have a great day! :D

'If everyone acted the same life would be boring that's why God made everyone unique!' Quote by me (Skyler)

(Hate is not appreciated :>)

Awesome! :D

Meet Lotus!

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Likes: To read and paint

Dislikes: The dark and speaking in public

Status: Single

Interests: Girls

(My wording for the info above is rrl bad soz)

Breath-taking :D

Thank you!

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Meet Harlow!

She is 17

She is Bi


Her sisters name is Ague

She is also a cheater

She is astounding, just like your other creations :D

Welcome Gloria...
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Meet Ague!
She is 15
Her sister name is Harlow
She likes to walk around the graveyard looking for her parents bodies.

Say Hello To Violet :>

My Monster

Say Hello to Ivy

This is a stunning piece of heart moving work! My fav to play, even my friends lu this game. :D