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the awkward moment when your MC is also named Wren...

What tf are the chances I picked a name a later villain in the story? Excited to see how things play out with this new addition and what comes next!

Is this game still in-development? I hope so, it seems really cute and I'd love to see the continuation of the story!! Hopefully you guys keep working on it because it has a lot of potential. Excited to see any future development and updates!

How exciting! Been following this project for nearly a year, and I'm glad I can finally play the whole thing! Looking forward to all parts of the game, and how it all develops! Such a cute game and I look forward to whatever other projects you guys make!!

Pick the dialogue options that keep all three of the hearts black, and then choose not to talk to Erika or Manami in the evening.

Thanks for answering my question! I hope your pitch went well and you can find the funding you need!

This game concept seems really engaging, and I look forward to it's development, and hopefully I'll be able to play it in the future!

You Belong community · Created a new topic Clarification?

Hi! I really love this game concept, and I wanted to play the demo, but I couldn't get it to open on my mac. Is this game Windows exclusive, or is it also supposed to be compatible with Mac computers in the future??

 I just want to make sure I know what's going on, and that it just doesn't work with my computer, and the game itself isn't broken or something.

Nevermind, I figured out the problem, the program unpacking the zip file was messing it up.

If anyone experiences issues with getting internet-downloaded games to run, find a computer app called 'The Unarchiver' and install and use it to open the zip files. I do this now and it works for a variety of different games.

I love the idea going on, and I really want to play the demo, but my computer won't open it. whether I double-click or manually open it, I always get this Finder message:

Any ideas for what might be causing this?? when i pick that little question mark on the corner it gives me no info so i'm a bit confused on what's not letting it open. This happens with both the 32 and 64 bit versions, and my computer is a Mac if that helps.