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I can try because I dont know how to also :(


Ok thanks for the tip Nami! I understand you don't have time and I respect that. Same as me, I don't have enough time to even work on it now because of exams, homework, assignments :O but soon I will get the time to do what I want. And hopefully for electives next year I can find one that is game making (I did that last year :D).

Because of your lonely wolf treat series I have decieded to try out a couple other of your games yesterday, And to my luck you have added a new game to my favourites section. Even though I loved the lonely wolf treat series, I really liked this game too. I had played it yesterday and today and so far I got 3 endings, The True Ending First, Then The Indefinate Ending, And Finally The Bad Ending (I thought that the bad ending was kinda anti-climactic but thats just my opinion and I don't know that much about rpg games anyway).

I was think if you could give me some tips about making a good rpg game. I have started one about a month ago but have made almost no progress so far. The reason why I haven't progressed yet is because I had trouble with making the sprites on paintool, and I haven't really have the time to think about what the game is about. I thought about drawing them on paper first and use them on my game, I also thought about this other idea. Maybe if I send the final copy of the images to you somehow so you (In your free time) could probably use your paintool sai to finalise them for me.

I also have another question about the lonely wolf treat series. Because this game came out yesterday and I have looked at how there is a pattern on how you release your games (kinda like a monthly thing) and I guess that your next game for the series is coming about in 1 or 2 months, quote me if im wrong. Just asking because I can't wait for it to come out!

Thanks for reading this, Sorry if it is too long for you to read and you get bored (I should stop writing XD). Hopefully you can read this in your spare time and reply to it, and I thank you for making this awesome game. Keep up with the good work! :3

Heres the link to the Title!

(it is the first image you see :D)

I got some great news Nami!

I have found a RPG Maker that works and a paint tool aplication that works too!

Hopefuly I can learn fast on how to actually make a RPG Game

I have one in mind

This game was just amazing, I have no words! :D

Just one issue was a slight bit of lag but it didn't stop me from playing XD

How do I play? I downloaded the folder and extracted it but I can't play it! Please help me!

Also Nami, I am planing to make a game.

What software did you use to make yours? And what did you use to make your characters in this game series? (e.g. treat, mochi, moxie)

Hey Nami I just wanted to ask you something.

How many more games are you gonna make in this series?

Thanks if you reply! Also sorry If I comment too much! :D

This Game Was Just So Diverse In How You Made This Compared To The Others!

I Loved This Game And Sadly I All Ready Finnished It. To Me Its Like A Massive Cliff Hanger! I Can't Wait For The Next Part!

Thanks Nami

Hey Nami can you make an RTP version of Clever Fox Moxie? Please because I can't download The RTP File.

Thanks Nami ;)

Thanks, I Just Can't Wait X3

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Hey Nami I Loved Your Games, They Were AMAZING :3. I Am Just Wondering If You Are Going To Make A Sequel? Plz Plz Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz This Series So Far Is The Best RPG Games Ive Played So Far! I Hope You Can Make A Sequal (Maybe You Are Making One Whilst Ready My Comment ^_^). Thanks For Reading This Nami! <3