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This is awesome! Please continue work on it when you can!

Great mechanics and the style is stunning, but the spawning of the enemies was always unfair, and I think adding depth to the combat could be cool. If a pistol can cut peoples' heads in half, maybe a shotgun could blow off other limbs. Maybe the pistol needs headshots to kill, but other weapons are more effective at different parts of the body. Or some kinda system for both the enemies and the weapons would be awesome. I also can't say I liked the strobing effect when enemies come near, it just always felt like false difficulty. I understand the accuracy getting shakey because my character is scared, that was awesome, but I don't know, I think the way in which you aim in this game adds enough difficulty. Like first I gotta find where their head is bc my screen's black, then I gotta correct for my shakey aim, and if I do hit, I've hit after 4 shots and I have to run away anyway, which wouldn't be an issue if those little enemies that scream at you weren't so fast, but most the enemies just have totally unfair speeds for them to all be 1 hit kills. 

Loved the level design, loved the lighting, loved the overall style. Hated how loud the game was, disliked the enemy's and the combat's current design.

Overall, 8/10, amazing prototype, keep it up!

The link to the download says I need access to view it.

I loved how clunky and obscure this whole thing was! Id pay money for it!

The discord link at the beginning is invalid as of 3/29/2023

Its probably not as scary with sound off, but it sent shivers up my spine especially since my computer is right next to a window. I liked it, it was like Mandela Catalogue but owls and buzzfeed.

Frame lag issues, simplistic combat, and maybe it's because of the iffy camera and controls, but something about how the game looks just hasn't hit its mark yet. That being said, if this is an early version, it's absolutely amazing so far! I like the look and feel of it when it works lol. I do hope that the devs focus less on combat and throw in some kind of problem solving like puzzles or some kind of focus on exploration or collecting something. 

Is the demo gone?

Absolutely stunning. I love the fact that I ran this on my crappy self built PC with no frame drops, and despite that, the game looks and feels spectacular. Truly something great here. 10/10/10.

FIRST! This seems rly well designed. Just the right mix of cooperative roleplay and mechanics. Keep it up!

You're wrong. This is one of the best flash games I've ever played. It obviously has some inspiration from Newgrounds type designs, but like, play it. It builds on so much?