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so i didn't know

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i did, but i wasnt able to slide and vault somehow

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and also maybe add the same features as phantom forces, such as the slides, angling, and vaulting over objects while running and maps

This looks too good for a demo. this should be a game

I don't know whether or not you would do this but...would it be possible if you could give the game features some of which from Phantom Forces (a roblox FPS game), like for example unlocking attachments after reaching certain ranks, or using cases to unlock skins and weapons and unlocking certain weapons from different classes (Assault, Support, Scout etc.) using a ranking system.   

and also, is it possible if you can increase hit damage? or make the clip/mag capacity bigger. Because the first round was fairly hard to defeat when you had loads of zombies and a gun that does little damage and has small mag capacity

thanks, that solves my problem

How can I do split screen multiplayer on my computer. Because i just tried it and two people were being controlled by the same mouse, (one with low sensitivity and another with high), I also cannot seem to find controls for both players (maybe I haven't had a good look yet, [just briefly looked through so far, so don't get angry if it is in options])