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Just wanted to drop by and say that I love love love this game. I played it so many times already, and still plan to play some more.

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As others that played this game, my expectations were blown away after playing the game. I expected it to be more shallow I guess? and for it to feel kinda like a parody. But I was surprised to see the depth that each character has and even the depth of the world itself. I definitely didn't expect the game to be so... cozy? gentle? in dealing with topics that are otherwise pretty gross and horrid. 

Yeah, you guys did really well selling this pretty horrifying world that I almost forgot about the "food"... and the fleshfield... and the "ambient smell"... etc.

Also, I was surprised to find that the character I found to be most outlandish was the one with the most normal route. I was kinda scared that something might happen at the end and "jump" at me, but no it was very sweet. 

Looking forward to seeing more of you monstrous creations!

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Man those features really make the game enticing! especially the "really blue GUI" I love the color blue, how can I possible ignore this game??

in all seriousness, I like the concept, I will definitely be checking this game out!