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i feel ill

im so hyped for this game, ive been playing uzg intermittently since there was only one map. will this new game be able to be played with html5?

nm i found it

at the risk of sounding like an idiot, where do you find the journal?

i just got 7710 :)

nein out of ten

the most egregious choice in this clusterfuck of offensive stereotypes is the move to make people of asian descent literally bright yellow

it was a pun ;)

you literally never miss my guy

an overall fun idle game. definitely has the aesthetic of a newgrounds game which i like.

fun but a little shallow

not 100% sure but i dont think so. i think there's a couple of apps you can download to test it

is an ios version coming?

a pacifist actually. gonna try all kills soon but its far harder as you would assume. i do think that the game is very good for speedrunning and perhaps you would be interested in creating a page.

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speedrun time is 40.13 seconds. im sure it can be beaten; i need to learn the enemy placement a bit better, and theres one tight corner thats a bitch to get around. i think i can get it down to about 35 seconds

will multiplayer be released on the web version?