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Nice little space fps. Simple excuse story about evil corporate nonsense. Gameplay wise, shotgun does more damage in ads than hip-fire and headshots are practically insta-kill. Mouse however doesn't sync very well as anywhere I do a 360 shot, it jumps to another view not where I want to hit? Doing also a slow scanning makes camera uber-jumpy. Overall nice indie, hope it's youtube friendly!

W10.81.1, maybe could work on W11.3.1 but Microsoft just simply can't hear their customers? Also Google Classic, not Chrome.

problem here: half the keys actions won't work like the mouse click trying to break wood and night coming way to fast. I don't want to be eaten by zombie that quickly?! Some blocks are breakable like dirt and sand, but not wood, cactus or cobblestone, I did use the appropriate tools like any Minecrafter but still won't break?

if any of you want to grind for your gun mods, use sniper course as it doesn't matter the timer but the target stay until you pop them with your chosen gun. i used my newgrounds version to prestige 9 times and dumped all points into more xp and gold. once all guns maxed out, rest of the courses are cakewalks!