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Is it possible to make an own server for friends? 

Doesn't seem like a game for a campaign tho... I would rather just build and manage robots :3

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At the end of "the world" you can keep going with the camera to go super far. If your mouse is laying in a way the cursor is moving up, down, left or right you are screwed! :)

Ps. Best game I have played in A LONG TIME <3

So I had done 2 orbs out of 3. The last one is in the church so I went in there the get the last one. Immediately  I drop to 30 frames, thinking its the lightning or something. Then I get through the floors onto the third one. The same time I go to the first area with monsters i drop frames to 0-10!!! And my game freezes. I was forced to quit and my progress did not save.

ps. I am on a iMac late 2013 :)