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Hello, this is in the public domain right? Because I'm planning to be selling a game I am making that has this in one of the backgrounds...

Hello can I use this background in a game I am going to sell without giving credit? Please reply as I really want to use it, it's amazing :)

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

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Hey thanks for playing!

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You made me happy!

Hey again. Key rebinding is now possible in the game!

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Hey there! First of all, I would like to apologize because it seems you didn't like the movement scheme. It's understandable, many players didn't like it sadly. Also by "enjoy your success" do you mean that everything is perfect except the movement scheme? Also what button would you put for attack? It seems that no other button is right except S for basic attack. 

Also thanks for commenting!

I used it in this game: version . Great character btw :)

really good!

I hope you like the update. Feel free to join our Discord Server and tell me feedback there! Discord Server

Alright! We are also working on a gigantic update so be ready for that! 

Hey, the game is out now! You can play it on NewGrounds too.

Hey man, i want to say that you can Pre-Order the game now! 

Thanks! If you think so ;).

Thanks! Can you please send this comment on the game page too?

Hey, I used your art pack for some extra art in my game, thanks!

I added you in the credits too!

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hey, im going to use your art pack in this project.

im going to credit you in the description too! 



Edit: I added you! Thank you so much!

downloading it xD (Wish me luck plsss)

Hey, this project is very big and we are planning on releasing it in some months. Thanks for asking though. If you want i suggest you to join our Discord Server for more information. 

Discord Server.

Hey Everyone, I am the founder of a small Studio called "Studio Veritas"

I am currently working on a new game called "Police Escaper and i would like to hear if you guys will like if i upload a demo of the game.

Here is the link to see the game: Police Escaper (you can not buy it or play it right now) 

glad you liked it. it was very hard for me to finish it in a minute so i made it to go -1 every 1.5 seconds  LOL

if you liked hard games like this one i suggest you guys if you can play my game too it will be nice for me to get at least 1 euro out of my game Wazros.

have a nice day!

it looks good! btw i released my game too you can check it out it's 1 euro.