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yeah I think this is grand. if you need support via cash or the like. I'll happily donate for such a project.

really no joke. I'll throw money at you to make something like that. I am sure others will too. keep me and the others in the loop.

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I have some ideas to help make this really nice. maybe they been talked about before. but I am willing to kick up some money in the future if these have seriously not been thought of or considered.

-Drawing/shape/pen tools: pens and such for the walls, roads, water/land and general placement of districts. you would 'shape out' the districts and let the generator drop the builds. the walls/castle pen tool would let you draw where you want the wall to gen. out and placement of the castle. 

the water/land would allow you to craft a river/landscape that's a touch more interesting. to go through your map.

the generator would still randomize placement of buildings,roads and the like, but it give a bit more ability to create something more to what you're going for instead of hoping the generator makes something close to what you wanted. 

I can/could do some illustrations to kinda explain what I mean if need be by 'faking' out a tool screen and stuff. but anyway. 

I'll wait to see what the community says on this before going that far.