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Not sure what happened, but it does not seem to be working anymore.

This is a pretty well made platformer. Good job.

Nice concept. Looks good as well. Great work!

This is a fun game. Really nice visuals. 

Great work!

The source is literally 57.2KB. I really like the way you used in engine vector capabilities. I also like how you are generating the audio.

Incredibly impressive. Great job!

I love how the game looks. Nice graphics. I could not even jump past the first obstacle after numerous tries, I must suck at this game :P Good job on making this multiplayer.

Really great work!

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I don't know if this is intentional, but there are a lot of invisible walls. But the game itself works and is a nice concept. Nice work.

This is a nice game. I enjoyed playing it.

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.

I am aware that the handling of the car is kinda clunky. Also, the ground is not flat and at high speeds you can overshoot and you cannot really turn the car while it is in the air. There are also some issues with collision when the car lands after a jump making it turn weirdly sometimes. I am just trying to say that I totally agree with you.

Very nice assets. Can you add a license file to the download? Thanks.

Thanks. I appreciate your comment!


I do have plans to add more levels with increasing difficulty.