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I have had to restart the fight with Camille at least 10 times, I've tried reading over his attacks again and again and if there is some kind of identifiable pattern to his attacks, I can't find it.

I'm really interested in playing this game, and the prose is very engaging, but I'm tempted to just give up 

Hey, I'm having a ton of fun with this game, but I encountered a glitch while I was playing, during my first fight with Timmy, I suddenly became unable to swap gems. They still lit up when I shoved my cursor over them, but they just refused to move.

Hi, there's a set of CGs in the gallery between the truck driver and the mechanic I haven't unlocked yet, any tips on how?


I absolutely love this game! I first played it when only the Xilantro and Glimroc endings were implemented and I am so glad I came back to it after all this time. And I am very glad I was able to get that happy ending with uncle Duncan.

When do you think you'll come back to this game? There are still loose ends and unanswered question, such as who confronted Duncan on the first day, the fourth part member, and if we can fuck the demon lord of the dungeon?

Keep up the fantastic work!