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I like this game a lot but you should note it will go uncontrollably bonkers instantly if you start with the mouse not on the ball; it threw me off the first time I tried playing.

Game Title/URL: Air Traffic Cop

Pitch/Information: A horizontal shoot ‘em up where vertical movement is restricted to flying up and falling down. Think classic flash game with the helicopter in a green cave. Or Flappy Bird, if you have to. But it’s closer to the former.

I’d like feedback on: How the game feels as far as fairness and difficulty go. Also, any notes about the sound design, which is something I put a lot of focus on in the polishing stage.

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thank you for the comment! I realize this isn’t optimal, but if you’d like, you can temporarily switch your keyboard layout to a QWERTY one and just press the Y and X keys.

EDIT: I don’t know which country you’re from, but your keyboard layout possibly features a ctrl+shift shortcut for switching between QWERTY/QWERTZ

what a charming game! Vincent’s puzzle felt a little underwhelming, especially as one near the end, though.

my favorite was the girl with the lucky number and Romero. lots of character all around

it takes a little time, mine showed up after a few hours. you’ll see a “My Submission” checkbox on the submissions screen, too

i love your games shp

can you fly using a shotgun in real life?