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This game was def fire and a cool concept, but I was going to rage Lol! I wasn't using my stamina properly. W game! 

This game was fire, the first jumpscare then the one later on scared me so bad man! I haven't screamed like this in a minute LOL 10/10 GAME. cAN'T WAIT FOR THE FULL GAME

This game had me screaming like a child. 

Pretty Cool game, the dark

eerie concept kept me on my toes. 

This game had me screaming so much, I loved the jumpscares and horrific atmosphere 10/10 game for sure. 

W short demo. Can't wait for the full game. I loved the graphics and attention to detail. 

Great GAME! Good to see my boy Henry and Timmy Again. 

Great game enjoyed the story, and I enjoyed playing through the POV of the camera.

This game had me screaming like a kid who got her candy taken LOL! I truly enjoyed this short terrifying game and the 2nd ending was very unexpecting. Loved the game. 

W game!! Loved having two different endings. Also, I really like that the bad ending had a way different storyline and that it wasn't just a 2-second jumpscare then game over. Love your games. 

Love a good game with multiple endings, You know I had to get all 3 endings. I definitely enjoyed the game and concept. I will no longer eat noodles.

LOL! no problem at all, I'm glad you enjoyed the video!

Short, Scary, Simple I LOVE IT!! 

W game, really enjoyed the scary aspect short and simple. I underestimated the game I was shocked when I got in bed and was murdered LOL!! Then the plot twist in situation 3 got me.

I truly enjoyed this game! Very short but scary game The creature caught me off guard and RIP HENRY.  

This game was very cool loved the quick but scary plot. I was on my toes the whole time, but thankfully we got a weapon to defend our self. W game fore sure.

This game was a 10/10 I remember the first version of this game when it got released. Fast froward this drop and its 10x better. W game, I screamed alot and jumped out og my seat LOL! 

This game was very interesting. I loved the concept and the eerie vibe. I can't wait until the full game is released because I know it will be scary. You did great with the jumpscares and mannequin movements.

This game was def a cool game. It gave a very eerie feeling and it def gave me chills. Keep up the good work!! 

I enjoyed this short horror game, I did not expect the turn of events. 

This game was pretty fun, I didn't expect it to be a backrooms theme. I thought it was pretty cool also because it had the same neighborhood from the Scream Game.

This was literally the best Horror Game I have played in a minute man!! I can't wait until the game fully comes out. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

I thought this game was pretty interesting. It is definitely different from the usual games I play. I recommend anyone to play this who likes story based games and reading to play this. 

No problem at all... Kepp working hard!!

Great Game for sure... Mans just was thirsty... once the game ended we shared some water and watched my videos!! Seriously though the ambiance, random objects turning on, etc were amazing... 8/10

This game was great!! I loved the sound effects and the eerie feeling. Moreover, I feel playing in 3rd person gave the game a different vibe than other horror gmes. Overall 8/10 game for sure.

This game was great... I didn't expect the creature to pop up on me like that, but I think him and his friends were trying to ask about my car's extended warranty!! LOL Overall, great ambience and jumpscares for sure

I really enjoyed "The interview", I feel it gave a different vibe and eerie feeling. Talking to the creature made the game interesting because I thought I was applying for a job in jail, but I was wrong LOL. Overall, great game.

NGL, IM SUING... you all said NO SNAKES. I nearly had a heart attack LMAO... Great game for sure. I played it towards the end of my video if anyone wants to check it out!!

Horror Noodles was a really fun, scary, and simple game. I would recommend playing it just for a quick laugh and entertainment.

No problem, I really hope to play more games of yours.  Also, thanks for watching my video. 

This game definitely had an unexpected plot twist. I enjoyed the theme of the game and the dialogue. Keep working hard!! 

I enjoyed this game for sure, however, I didn't understand the ending or if I even got an ending. However, I did like the scary messages on screens and etc.

If this game would have been longer, I would have screamed a lot. The eerie atmosphere and sound effects really kept me paranoid. I also, like the darkness of the subway because you never know what you could walk into. 

I actually enjoyed this game a lot, although it was short it still gave me a laugh and shocked me. I like that it brought a creepy feeling and even had some fun plot twists and reactions from Amanda, depending on what you typed. 

I enjoyed this game a lot, the eerie atmosphere and sounds really kept me on my toes. I hope I wasn't the only person to get scared by the little statue on the steps LOL. However, this game was great I recommend everyone to play it.