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I'm not sure what any of the visuals represent.  What is the control scheme?  What is the objective?  Some exposition at the beginning would go a long way.  

Thank you. :)  

LOL!!  I should put a horn button in the next iteration. :)

For the question, "Will our Sun explode," the answer is wrong.  Our Sun will not explode, but will instead expel its outer layers over a long period of time forming a planetary nebula and it's core will contract to become a White Dwarf.  This is a slow, low-energy process, and not the rapid, high-energy process of a Type II Supernova experienced by high-mass stars.

Cool start!  One significant issue, though, from a science prospective, is that the Moon is tidally locked to the Earth.  This means that its rotational and revolutionary periods are identical so that the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth.  The other scientific issue is that the Moon and Sun are the same angular size in the sky, about 0.5 deg, so in the "Earth to Moon Camera" view during New Moon phase, the cross-section of the Moon and the cross-section of the Sun should be the same.  This is a great start to a lunar phase sim, though.  Nicely done.

Very cool time mechanic, but I would love to have a settings tool in-game that would allow me to adjust the mouse (rotation) sensitivity.  I found the character rotation very difficult to control smoothly.

Simple and elegant.  This would make a great classroom tool, and with your permission, I'd like to use it in my astronomy classroom next semester.

The player's ship is pretty large for the playfield, but that I think it more a preference thing than an actual design criticism.  One design criticism I do have is the mechanism for engaging the ships thrusters.  I'd put in both a visual and an audible cue that the engines are on.  I'd also like to see a way to identify the astronauts more easily.  It's tough trying to isolate white rocks from white astronauts, especially when the playfield gets really crowded.  I know you're going for a monochromatic look and feel, so a obviously a different colour wouldn't be the right solution.  I'm not sure what would be a good solution.  Maybe a periodic speech bubble with an exclamation mark? _(!!!)

I love the concept of this.  There's some refinements that I think you could make, but overall it's a solid evolution of the classic coin-op game.

VERY COOL!  I was looking to build something like this for my astronomy class, but I may just use your sim instead.  Nicely done.

I love the menu font!  What is it?

Very cool little story.  I haven't messed with Gamemaker for ages.  Glad to see some are still using the engine.

Thanks for the feedback Luka!  I do appreciate it.  I went in and made some edits based on your comments, and I do like how the character moves much better than before.  Also, it's harder to go mountain climbing now. ;)

Excellent!  Thank you.

I like the concept, but is there a reset button?

After playing a couple of times, I finally got the hang of watching the news feed and buying and influencing stock prices.  Nice balancing, and the dynamic news feed is a fun mechanic.

Very clever twist on the standard space shooter.  Would love to see this developed more.

Can you tell me how you ended up with the comet in this state?  I'll try to fix it here in the next couple of weeks.

I'm glad you find it useful!  Please let me know how this can be improved.

I'm experiencing the same issues.  I do use PlayerPrefs (Unity 2019.2.0) to store the highscore of the play session.  Surely this isn't the source if the issue.

Simple, fun, and challenging.  I love the art style, too.  Nicely done!

Nice fun little puzzles and activities.  I love the music and relaxed feel.

Very clever take on the classic breakout game.  I enjoyed it very much.

I suck at playing your game, but your game does not suck.  Quite a bit of fun, really.  I like your font choice and the 8-bit-esque style.  Gives me an idea for a project assignment for my students.