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Very cool game! The mechanics are incredibly unique and really allow you to come up with your own solutions :D. Loved it!

This is a very fun game. I laughed when I could really, really undo.

Yes - this was a delightful jam to participate in! Such a unique theme idea - loved it!

A very powerful experience. When people say that games have this amazing power to create empathy by letting you feel like you're inside the mind and soul of another person, these are the kinds of games that they are talking about.

Despite feeling like I don't 100% understand the metaphor, I can feel the raw emotion, and I thought it was an absolutely beautiful experience.

What a strange little puzzle game! Trying to move one block in fact moves the other! Was a fun one to try and figure out, and I eventually got it!

Hi! I really like the style of this game! Unfortunately, when I tried playing it, I was unable to move my character with the A/D keys or (on my playstation controller) the left stick. Not sure why, but it didn't work :(.

Hi! I tried playing this, but when I opened the Game.exe, I got the following error:
`RGSS102E.dll could not be found`

Really fun concept! Only made it to about 23 :P.

Just played it - thought it was pretty fun! The jump felt a little wonky but still a good puzzle game.