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Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing it. Good luck with the current project for now :)

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Hi. Very nice game, very playable :) 

I tried it with a joystick though (Kempston) and the current control mapping with Up for Jump is really hard. With only having one fire button, there's always a trade-off with what one uses for what. But in platform games I think for jumping the fire button would be preferable. Then Up can be used to throw stones.

Nice work, both :) 
Looks like a Speccy ULAplus version, Andy :) ;) 

You've loaded the ULAplus version of the game without ULAplus in the emulator. That's why you see flashing graphics all over the place.

Thanks :) Happy to be of help.

I suspect it's my app then. If so, nice to still see it to be useful :) 

Nice game and music :)
I noticed that you also brought out a NO ULA+ version. Did you re-export from MPAGD or did you use a different method?

Thanks :)

Great sample :)
For a game in development I'd also like to add samples. Could you help me out and share what you've used?

Congrats with the release and getting fond responses :)
From the video it indeed looks cute and highly playable, I'm considering buying it. My only thought is that this game soo deserves in-game AY music. I feel that that would really complete it

Sometimes life throws a curveball and we need to regain our balance. It would be great if you can turn it into an opportunity for you in the long term. Go for it 🙂

Nice work, thanx :)

First time I'm running into your game. Looks great and it's obvious you're putting a lot of effort into it. Looking forward to playing it when it's released.
Important: don't beat yourself up on things, it's one of the biggest reasons for getting demotivated.
Keep it fun :)

Thanks to you all, a lot of people got both inspiration and joy out of your creations. It shows that with correct guidance and perseverance, you can accomplish anything. With anything you're still going to do, always keep this in mind.
Thank you for that 🙏🙂

Thanks for the update 🙂👍🏼

Congrats, Andy and team. Great job 🎉👍🏼
I'm really happy that this ZX Spectrum classic is now available for Commodore 64 enthusiasts as well. 

Is this the latest bug-fixed version?

Looks and sounds great. Looking forward to giving it a good play :)

Nice work, Bob. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights on all of this :)

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Yeah, much better, right?
Now hoping that this page will be updated like so. @zxchris

With the code listings on this page, it seems like there's something wrong with the CR/Line feeds.
I just did a quick test on a test page here on Itch with code from the ULAplus spec and it shows up normal when creating a code-block.

The only thing that Itch does is remove "empty" lines (ie before the "header:", "basic:" labels, etc.) but that can be easily fixed by putting only a space on those lines.

Indeed, thanks.
Is there any was of cleaning up the online version above?

Hello. Nice to see the ULAplus specs here.
There's an issue with the  formatting of the listings which makes reading them quite hard. Would it be possible to correct this please?

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It seems retro tools don't handle extended ASCII very well. Which is quite ok, I typed an extended ASCII character by accident when creating the folder.

Sorry to have alarmed you for nothing.

Looking forward to checking the game out. And especially to the AY version :)

Thanks for your marvelous work - from the visuals, it looks fantastic :)
I downloaded the archive 2 times but there seems to be an issue with the .tap file. I tried in SpecEmu and Fuse and Tapir but they all seem to be unable to load the file.

Could you have a look please?

Thanks for creating the game José :)
I think the jumping is too difficult though and that it will keep people from enjoying an otherwise really nice game.

For more ULAplus information and tools, you can join the official ULAplus Facebook group @
See you there :)

Only Zesarux and Unreal Speccy support it, as far as I know.