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Good job!

Awesome concept!

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Good job!

P.S. My brother just played a few games too -- he can beat the original OutRun arcade and is a huge fan of these style of racers -- and I posted the footage on my YouTube channel. Hope it helps! We like your polish a lot. There is a tendency to get stuck on the edge of a road after a crash, due to the sharpness of the corner.

Oh, I was going to mention: I could not drift from one direction to another. It would break out of the drift. OutRun 2 would like you do this maneuver and thought you might like to include it in Slipstream. And, I enjoyed your game!

Not sure if this helps, but I played it three times and posted a video: https://youtu.be/iIfP9invmzA. For context, I am a big OutRun fan. I can beat the original arcade and unlocked 200/200 GS in the Xbox LIVE version. I could not get my Xbox controller to work (which explains the delays in the first run).