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Keep doing it

When the 3 dates, with any character,  are successful the genocide endings happen

Yep, there is one

I'm thinking maybe we will have to make a guide. 

The game gives clues about what options to choose to get the good endings, just pay attention.

Try the latest version or maybe is incompatible with your device, try the desktop version is the most stable.

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If Sona takes control of the game is a Neutral ending.

If a monster fights Sona is a Genocide ending.

If they break the barrier around the city is the true ending. 

If they break the barrier AND  everyone survives is the truest ending.

Thank you so MUCH and the Sona hate is real


Try downloading the latest version. If that doesn't fix it can you post a screenshot of the error?

Those are the neutral endings, there are genocide endings and two true ones. The game gives clues to give the best endings.

Thank you so very much for playing and the review, you just made the ending of this decade perfect for us! 

Happy 2020! 


We recommend taking notes of the questions that determine paths, then start making use of that skip button 😅

I'm sorry to hear about your save data but yes, the new version had major changes and the update had to be done manually to just overwritte the files and not modify anything else. And even like that there were also times where there could be data corruption because the versions are not entirely compatible. In the preference menu you can modify what you can skip, that helps you move faster through the things you have seen. Thanks for all your support, it means alot to us!

No worries English is our second language too! 

There’s a character that secretly helps you out and “fixes” back and skip for you! 

We are happy you like the game! 

Ok, in that case try using “new” or “old” depending on your phone model!

Sorry about that, what version are you attempting to install? 

Not yet that we know.. check YouTube  or our Discord for some help. 

We can’t tell you outright, but be sure you have completed every genocide and neutral ending for Sans, Undyne, Papyrus, and True path. 

drag and drop the new file into the same destination as your old one, they should overwrite automatically. 

Drag and drop the new file into the same destination as your old, your pc will overwrite automatically. 

Thank you! We are back online, hopefully the game is now playable too... Be sure to download 2.0and overwrite your game file. All progress will be transferred over.

Game is back online, you should be able to download now... I swear Sona is the one behind all the problems.

ok thank you for the report, the game is currently being repaired 

we are in the process of removing a few major bugs... the game will be available again in roughly 8-10 hours. 

Ok there are two more files, Newer Phones and 84x 86x. Try them and see if one works on your device!

What Android model are you using if I may ask? 

This may be a python related error associated with a certain mode of phone. 

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It’s implemented in the very last path of the game, and in the endings more or less... why?

It’s impossible to be as awesome as Toby Fox. 

Ok sorry about that! We will get right on to fixing it. 

Thanks for the report! 

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Thank you for streaming us! It’s awesome knowing we made you laugh! 

We’re checking out your stream right now and loving it, you’re amazing! 

(We are also taking note of a few of your comments and bugs that we’ll use to improve on in the next update) 

Again thank you so much!! 

not yet, we have added a few minigames that require testing and possible changes to code for android. 

I’ll make an update about progress for android over the next week. 


Thank you! We love it that it's making people happy!

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Yes, yes it can be 

Thank you for your patience and the luck!!! I get goosebumps playing through the game, story wise I think it's the most complete fan game out there! 


This is awesome! Thanks for streaming the demo!! 


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Don’t we all? 

 Sorry to disappoint but the romance within the game is very SFW. 

I’d call it light romance/comedy that follows the main story line. 

....there are no skele - bones 💀 

That being said some characters are not what I’d call straight and anbody from any walk of life will get a kick out of the game. 

When it releases you play and let us know what ya think. 

Soon, very soon

We have a DIscord up for anyone who wants to keep closer track of the game progress!

Xocolatl Games Discord