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The update on the Itch app is not working.  Any idea what could be the issue?

Great update.  Hope I have done everything that I could prior to the church.  Can't wait to reconnect with my friends, lovers and children in the next update.

I thought it was weird too cause I hadn't even been told I could invite Lyndsie on a date yet.  Just woke up on a saturday and was going on the date with her.  Had something similar happen with Willow.  Went to meditate at the shrine for the first time and she was there to give me pointers on meditation but then the next time I saw her in the choir room she asked me if I meditate.  Just wondered if these were in the correct order or not.  But I have to say again how much I am enjoying this story.  The story with Lily is just next level and if it wasn't for the existence of Jayd I'd say Lily was my absolute favorite.  But all the girls that are willing to give us the time of day are so much fun to interact with.  No idea if I've done everything that can be done so far but I think I have and I can't wait to see what more you have instore for the future.  Can't forget to give some love to the non S-wing girls as well.  They have personalities and they add great depth to the story.

I'm not exactly sure to be honest.  I tend to play a bit slow as I like to reread most dialogue once or twice to make sure I am actually understanding what the author is trying to say.  Oh but I did notice that I went on the first date with Lyndsey without doing the scene in the concert choir class where the MC talks to her in Korean for a moment and she invites us to join her in searching for fossils.  I did that scene after going on the date with her.  It didn't seem to break anything but it did disorient me for a moment.

So just started playing this today and I fell down the rabbit hole for 6 hours.  Loving your characters, even the MC, who i usually have a hard time relating to VN but damn you have a knack for this.  6 hours and I know I have so much more to get through.

Really enjoying this.  The characters we've spent time with seem to have depth while we haven't really made any choices as of yet I really look forward to the future updates.

Such a fun game.  Loved BreedTown and I was so happy to see this sequel pop up.

Sorry for the late reply, it never said anything to be honest.  Just one second I'm playing and the next second I'm back at my desktop with the program not even being minimized, just gone.

Been enjoying the game but I did find it odd that the audience showers you with money for the tickle win but you just get regular prize money for the mating press.  

Only come across two bugs so far myself, the first being that the game occasionally crashes mid-card match.

The second being that sometimes the lust hearts stay on the screen outside of the card game.

Enjoying the game a lot so far.

Can't exit the cave after talking to the spider girl.  Not sure if anyone else has had the issue but I didn't see it in the comments.

I want to try this game but it never advances past the load screen.