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Thank You For The Response. I Was Downloading Something Else Yesterday And Yep It Filled Up My Drive. I'm Going To Try Again Now That I've Made Some Room.

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Today I Will Be Downloading This Title... I've Kept My Eye On It From The Moment It Was Posted. After Trying The Demo Finally I Am Confident This Will Be A Banger.. The Soundtrack. The Fresh Art Style. After Further Reading The Collectables And Recruiting System Sounds Like More Then Enough To Keep Me Posted. I Plan To Edit This Post Once I've Had A Chance To Witness The Dev's Vision... I'm Amped.

Lol That Was Fresh✨

I Can't Wait Til Zenith Goes Live✨🦾

Lol Looks Like Someone's Trying To Spoil Me With Another Mech Battler,🦾✨

I Will Most Definitely Be Picking Up A Copy.✨ 

Keep It Going!

I Just Noticed The Save Feature After A Chapter Is Finished. 

Apologies And Excellent Game Yesterday I Finally Had The Chance To Relax And Dive Into Project Terminus Interruption Free And Managed To Save My Game. 

Are there any plans of a save option being added?