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thank u MrButtercup, I hope it can be early this year.

It's so powerful!

Thaanks! Wishing a good start of the year for Janet too!

Wooh, this was marvellous. It was like playing a first person sequel to Queer Man. Why did I felt so emotional saying goodbye to the little pink rock. Thank you so much for this!!

yaaai, congrats

Thaanks! If u enjoyed it please check the work of Maki Kusumoto, it was the main inspiration for the characters and her stories are really beautiful.

thank you for sharing the warmness! chapter 2 is already out if you want to check it out, it should work with the save you have:

Hii! Thanks Taylor, glad to be around.

like the energy tomorrow is my birthday was giving back! thank you for that!!

Yaii, that sounds fun! Let me know when u get there!

I'm using the Dialogue System from Pixel Crushers and trying to work from there. I totally will, thank you so much for the support!! Hope life and the development has being treating you well!

thanks for checking in!!  i've been working on it nonstop!

such a warm night

it keeps getting better

thank you for making it, this was so beautiful! made me want to know more about their carrot's story


and then Janet's time 

so charming

best game ever

thanks Luke

Filling it with many beauties! Hope the travelling is treating you good ♡

Thanks Taylor ♡

Can't say enough how eye-opening Queer Man was! Fills me with energy reading you. It looks this game it's taking me through a long road and I was at a point I needed to vent about it hehe. Crazy to think Disco Elysium used the Dialogue System too.  Hoping the best for you on IGF, big, big hugs!!

thx riley! the next one is a bit more polygonal and i hope we finally can walk around their world too

meow, meow! thx MrButtercup, it's always nurturing reading your opinions. hope it's a good year for both us!

that's so pretty, looks like they floating with vib ribbon


such a beautiful tale, stunning art and characters.

it's a joy to be around these demons.

it's a bit hard at times but even myself that i'm not that skillful or patient, could beat it! thank u so much for making it.

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that was beautiful, thank u so much

(in case is useful for others, i couldn't load it in a safari's browser but after loading it in firefox i could play it with no problems)

Hi, Luke! I uploaded a new Linux version, let me know if it works :)

Merci per jugar!
Just ahir em vaig creuar amb unes fotos de la teva novel·la visual i l'estava buscant hehe

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Astra & Dei taught me to love. Now, a new boy has fallen onto an orange tree. His sadness reminds me of mine. Will I know how to teach others what I learned from Astra & Dei?

oh, hi! lilian is freely available whenever you wish to play it. the only thing that can be bought is the photobook. 


it's soo good

MOONYOLK is a short tale about two boys  floating in the sea and watching a lonely moon.  

A reminder that it's never too late to say you love me. 

About 15 minutes of play time.

También disponible en Castellano y Català.

The Queer Games Bundle brought me here. Such a great time! I brute forced my way in a few playthroughs and it was really fun. The art, story and music are superb.

that was such a trip, i wanted to be a sewer too ♡