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such a beautiful tale, stunning art and characters.

it's a joy to be around these demons.

it's a bit hard at times but even myself that i'm not that skillful or patient, could beat it! thank u so much for making it.

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that was beautiful, thank u so much

(in case is useful for others, i couldn't load it in a safari's browser but after loading it in firefox i could play it with no problems)

Hi, Luke! I uploaded a new Linux version, let me know if it works :)

Merci per jugar!
Just ahir em vaig creuar amb unes fotos de la teva novel·la visual i l'estava buscant hehe

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Astra & Dei taught me to love. Now, a new boy has fallen onto an orange tree. His sadness reminds me of mine. Will I know how to teach others what I learned from Astra & Dei?

oh, hi! lilian is freely available whenever you wish to play it. the only thing that can be bought is the photobook. 


it's soo good

MOONYOLK is a short tale about two boys  floating in the sea and watching a lonely moon.  

A reminder that it's never too late to say you love me. 

About 15 minutes of play time.

También disponible en Castellano y Català.

The Queer Games Bundle brought me here. Such a great time! I brute forced my way in a few playthroughs and it was really fun. The art, story and music are superb.

that was such a trip, i wanted to be a sewer too ♡

Same here, it's inspiring getting to see so many new great games coming out. Looking forward on what you're working next! Big, big hugs Taylor!

Thank you Taylor for taking the time! Hope you got to rest during these weeks!

thank you so much for playing it brwn! i cried a bit writing it too

*blushing* sending you a big hug MrButtercup

a church made of yolky LCL!

thanks Nola for the thoughtful comment. I'll keep myself busy as a bee and hope you keep going too!


Two boys float in the sea and watch a lonely moon.
A reminder that it's never too late to say you love me.

Available for Windows & Mac:

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I sobbed with the demo of Queer Man too hehe.

It all begun when helping with this video, I meet my friend Diego Barrera .  He then moved to Chile and I travelled there to visit him. That winter I learned so much about love that I kept going back and back again until I was living there full time.  That's how I think HITME was born, from that wish to celebrate all the love I found.  

During that time I meet his muse, Mapo Ka, who's been also an important part of my life. So when I moved to Spain to visit my family during the pandemic, Diego moved back to Colombia and Mapo stayed in Chile I felt my heart was shattered in three and in a constant juggling state. Thankfully last year we got to meet again in Colombia to make a new video celebrating a friend, Michel Beauvais, who was a foundation in this journey.

I think that's the base of it! Hope you're having a great day ♡

thank u for reading! big hugs

wow that was intense!

that was so sweet! thank you

the art is so beautiful!

that was so satisfying!

that was really fun! super polished


that was beautiful!

that was fun

Que maco! És la primera vegada que jugo un joc en català. La música és una meravella! Al començar m'ha fet pensar en el misteri de The Silver Case. Amb moltes ganes de veure on et porten els nous projectes!

oh oh! thank u so much riley! if u liked the short, please check his other shorts Dead Youth (1967) or Cybele (1968), they're great!

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Thank you so much Taylor!
There's two endings, one you get when from pressing the space bar two times when the cat is watching you (Scratch ending) and the other one you get from draining all the way down the stamina bar (Clouds ending). Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not, it all depends how the cat is feeling that day. 

Again, thank you for the support, it push me to start learning Unity again!

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Boy With Cat

A cat's inquisitive look interferes with the pleasurable sensations of a boy. 

A game based on the short film Boy With Cat (1966) from Donald Richie.

Special thanks for the support of Queer Games Bundle for making the development of this game possible.

thanks morning-moon for coming back. your comment on the first version of hitme stayed really close to me and encouraged me to expand the story, thank u again. it made me really happy you enjoyed spending time together with Astra and Dei. 

thanks! hope u all felt at home ♡

The art, backgrounds and story is so polished and professional! Really looking forward what's coming next from all of u!


the nipple picking minigame was marvelous

thank u for the recommendation, sounds great!  looking forward to watch it ♡

Thank u! They're so tasty hehe. Looks great but I haven't watched it, do u recommend it?