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The art, backgrounds and story is so polished and professional! Really looking forward what's coming next from all of u!


the nipple picking minigame was marvelous

thank u for the recommendation, sounds great!  looking forward to watch it ♡

Thank u! They're so tasty hehe. Looks great but I haven't watched it, do u recommend it?

thank u for creating this, it felt like a warm hug

such a sweet story ♡

this was such a charming experience. i felt i got to know each one rock. the characters, art and music, all blended in a peaceful manner. thank for creating this! 

heart warming, thank u for this game.

best radio ever

♡♡♡ thank u again, have a good day

thank u so much, it made me tear up listening to u reading and narrating the story. thank for ur warm feedback, it brightens my day. is it ok if i share it? big hugs.

oh, oh! thx u so much! i've always tried to be as busy as a bee.

thank u nilson, means the world coming from you, thx for all the hard work ♡

as comforting as the people i met in chile ♡
thanks for taking the time, means the world reading what u felt.

Oh! Thank u Taylor for taking the time in this busy period. 

So happy to hear from u. Big hugs!

Thank u nola,  it warms my heart.

Hi again!
Here's some pictures from it!

Download HITME for Windows/Mac:

It's Friday's night, Nam's looking for someone to beat him. A suicidal act that will save his life when he meets Astra and Dei, two kind boys who will  take care of him. 

HITME's a visual novel set on Santiago de Chile. It follows Nam's trip to this new city where he'll drink Terremotos and learn to make Empanadas  thanks to the handsome couple, Astra and Dei. Playtime: 1-2 hours.  

oh! such a surprise. great art and music. it scared me deeply like when i was playing the midnight sanctuary

big hugs!

thank u for the taking the time to play it :)

loving how the model looks!

oooh! thank u so much for playing ♡

great title screen

Hi all!

I've been working on my submission for the jam. It's my first project on Unity and I was wondering if it's working on other people computer hehe. 

If anyone tried it and it's working let me know!

Big big hugs,


oh! :O 

are you on catalina by any chance? what's the message that appears?

have you tried going to system preferences -> privacy -> all apps downloaded from anywhere? that's the only thing i can think of right now hehe. 

thanks for taking the time to write :)

oh, nightcomes! you sure made my day sweeter. thanks for writing with so much care

Oh! Oh! That's so nice to hear. Thanks for taking the time :)

Most of the drawings are based on Maki Kusumoto, her art is stunning

I did a short visual novel with Renpy's engine and exported it for Linux. 

Could I ask to some kind soul here to test if the Linux version of the game is working?

Big thanks in advance!


Thanks! Much appreciated :)


A suicidial boy goes out during a friday's night looking for someone to hit him. Could his beaters become his lovers?

- A short visual novel, hope u enjoy it! - 

Thanks for taking the time to play! Most of the art is based on Maki Kusumoto's short manga "Funeral Procession of K". If you enjoyed this, I'm sure you'll love her style.