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This art definitely doesn't look like it was made just during this game jam, wow! The environments are absolutely lovely, especially with the lighting scheme going on- the brighter bits like the sprites and glowing flowers really draw the eye. The graphics overall are just really impressive, and definitely my favorite aspect of this game.

The combat felt a little jarring, though, as the weapon of choice and its sound effects didn't feel in line with the rest of the highly fantastical environment. Hearing the hit sound somewhat broke the immersion for me- having something more cohesive with the rest of the game could go a long way!

Wow, where do I even start? It's amazing that you guys managed to create an entire soundtrack for this game, and create art at the quality that it was, on top of designing really unique gameplay! My favorite part, however, was probably actually the UI- it's easy to navigate and, from the start, feels incredibly polished. I love the touch on the lower right credits where they're actually clickable links! Though I don't think the quit menu actually let you quit ^^"

I think a slime tutorial would actually have been very helpful, in the beginning. I didn't really realize what they did, or why they didn't damage you, until I went back and read the hints, so this could have been expressed a little better in game.

Nonetheless, this game is beautiful-- kudos to the artists, both 2D and 3D! The different elements mesh together really well. :)

The characters are absolutely precious!! I love how they look in the cover art, and I loved them even more in game when they moved around. The 3D models and shading are phenomenal, and deliver very well on the simple, cutesy vibes the game has going for it. 

From the beginning, though, I found myself struggling a little bit with the camera controls. Holding + dragging the mouse didn't feel quite as intuitive as it could have been, and I think sometimes the automatic readjustment of the camera confused me. 

Finicky camera aside, this game is incredibly well done! :D

This game was a really interesting take on dating! The way the dialogue was tied into the actions you chose inside the brain (?) was really unique, in my opinion. 

One thing in particular I absolutely loved was the way the controls felt! The swinging was really fun to work around, though it may have been a little confusing at first. The sound and art tie in together really well to create an immersive experience.

I will admit, though, I found myself unable to figure out what actions would result from each connection. Perhaps some more info on what the icons would do will help! 

This game is amazing all around! The art, music, and gameplay work so well together, and I'm absolutely charmed. It definitely worked very well as a roguelike, and I love it.

One thing in particular I was in awe of was the art- the UI and game visuals were extremely cohesive, and the pops of color from the enemies really drew the eye. All the menus felt easy to navigate, and the map/bars/floor indicator were simple to read! 

One thing I think the game could definitely benefit from is having a boss level, to add to the sense of progression and give the players something more to build up to. :)