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Game starts at 6:49!

I liked this one! It was weird and a bit creepy, just how I like it

I really had some fun with it!

This one starts at 1:00!

It's a short but fun little game! It had quite a good atmosphere

Game starts at 13:23!

This was a pretty weird but also a fun one, I enjoyed it

This is crazy man! I love it, can't wait for the full length game!

I really enjoyed the voice acting and the cutscenes! Pretty entertaining

This one is insane! It really creeped the hell out of me!

Cool little Friday the 13th inspired game. I had fun with it!

it starts at 5:37

Pretty fun but strange little game! I enjoyed it.

The game starts at 10:22

The demo starts at 0:25

It's a pretty good looking demo, nice suspense and atmosphere!

This game starts at 0:31

I loved the visuals and the atmosphere in this little game! The design of the creature is good too

This game starts at 9:29
It was a pretty good game! even tho, I didn't really understand what was happening..
But the game has a nice creepy vibe!

This one starts at 5:10 in the video.

Interesting little demo! I'm curious for the rest of the game!

This is an awesome looking teaser! Great work mate. It starts at 10:23 in the video

Great atmosphere! very confusing but cool little game.
I'm really liking the concept! Had a good time playing

This game starts at 6:55

It's a silly yet very enjoyable little game, I had fun with it!

This game starts at 4:01

I like the style of the game, the atmosphere is very well done! I really enjoyed it, I only wish it was a little bit longer

This game starts at 0:25

I really like the looks of this game! Intriguing game, even tho I didn't understand all that much of what was going on, lol
I enjoyed it!

This one starts at 11:28.

Such a sad little game! But it's a good one, nice job!

This game starts at 3:17!

I thought it was a very good one! very creepy and unsettling atmosphere and such a sad story

this game starts at 0:30.

It was a neat little game!

This game is the last one in the video, starting at 7:02!

Very awkward and uncomfortable vibe, which I think was perfect for the experience you were trying to create with this game! Well done

This is the first game in the video, starting at 0:50!

Really short but neat little game, spooky vibe!

This game is the second one starting at 3:06!

I really liked it, the atmosphere was really well done, hope you'll make a longer version of the game some day!

Neat little game! Really had fun playing it.

The Tornuktu game starts at 23:44

I enjoyed this game a lot! It starts at 7:32 

It took my way too long to put Santa down tho 🤣 I made it way more difficult than it actually was, haha

This game comes first in my video, starting at 0:52!

I thought it was a very nice little game!

This is the second part of my playthrough!

This game, just like the other games I've played from you, is really good!

Loved the story, the atmosphere, the spooky vibe and also had some good jumpscares!

This is the first part of my playthrough

Happy Halloween!

Really enjoyed this little game! Looks really good, the suspense when Michael Myers chases you is crazy! Well done

I loved it! Funny yet spooky little game with some good jumpscares

This is the 3th and final part of my gameplay!

This game was quite an experience, very well put together!

Really loved it, loved the atmosphere and the ambience

very neat little game!

Really enjoyed this one, love the art style

This is part 2 of my Locked Up experience!

This game is awesome! Love the ambience and the atmosphere in this one

This is part 1 of my playthrough

I really liked the style of this game!

Good atmosphere, I always love found footage type of games!

But I do feel like the VHS filter maybe should be a little less and some of the background noise was a bit too loud at some points too.

But overall it was a nice game!

Interesting little game, for being your first horror game ever and being made in only 24 hours it was actually really good!

This game starts at 7:08
It's a very very short game, but it captured that unsettling claustrophobic feeling very well for me!
Would've been nice if it was a little longer tho