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Nice to see some Belgium developers on here!

I thought this little game/experience was really neat!

Even tho' it was a bit on the short side, it was very atmospheric and has some nice details. 

Great job!

Really nice game!
The atmosphere, the style, I think it's really well done!
I love the mixture of P.T. and A Quiet Place.
The jump scares also got me good a few times

This game really hit me in a different way...
Such a strong and important message, and the atmosphere is done well too

And I also just read that it's actually your first game, that's awesome!
Really good job

This is a neat little game, cool that you made it in only 48 hours!

I just played Veinless Property, it's a nice little game.
I really love the art style of this game!

The Cabin is a really short Christmas horror game. I liked the setting and all, but I gotta admit the jumpscares felt a bit off and didn't really get me most of the times.
I wish the game was a bit longer and there was a bit more depth to the story.
But hey, for a game that was made in only 2 days it's actually well done!

This game was hilarious! I really had a lot of fun with it 😂

This is a short but really awesome horror game! I really enjoyed it
It really had me good a couple of times :'D

Awesome game! Great suspense and atmosphere. Honestly the killer really made me nervous and jump scare every time!

Really cool demo! Looking forward to play the rest of the game

Gave it a go and really enjoyed it!
I like the style, the atmosphere and also the little story it had

I thought this game was very good! I like the concept and the style.

I also liked the fact that you put some puzzle situations in there, it really took me a while to figure it out tho'... :D

it's a fun little game, even tho' it was quite predictable, I actually liked the idea a lot and I really enjoyed playing the game!

I really like the style and the atmosphere of this game!
It took me a while to find my way tho' :D

I'm really curious to see more of your work in the future

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Something went wrong with my previous upload of this video so I had to upload it again!

As for the game, it was really fun to play! Funny and a bit scary at the same time. The jumpscares had me good too. 😂

I thought this game was really good! I enjoyed it.
I liked the ending

This was a fun little game!

Nice little game, I liked the style of it

Didn't expect the ending

This game looks awesome!
I like the atmosphere and the mystery all around it, really nice job!

Nice, neat little game!
I honestly didn't expect that ending!

This was a fun little game, I enjoyed it!

I just played Blackout, it was not bad at all!
Good job!

I enjoyed this 2nd episode of One-Way Ticket!
I liked the fact that it was a bit longer than the first one and that there was a bit more to explore.
For some reason the jumpscares didn't really get me in this one tho'...
But still, nice job!


I really enjoyed this fun little game, it's funny and love the style of it!

Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it!

Haha yeah, I was really surprised myself that I found that code without looking at the hints 😂

You got a new follower, I'm looking forward to the full game!

I just played this demo and I really like the style it has going on.
It really had some Silent Hill vibes, which I love! Great job!
Looking forward to the rest of this game!

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I just played Death Trips and I got to admit, I really didn't expect that.
I loved it tho', it really got me good!

Really cool little game! I enjoyed it

Nice job!

Cool little game, I enjoyed it!
I'm looking forward to the next episode!

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good job! I really liked this little game. It looks really good and I liked the atmosphere.
I hope to see an extended some day!

How can I rate it?
(I'm sorry, I'm quite new here and I can't seem to be finding a rating button or something)

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I enjoyed this little game.

Good atmosphere and I also liked the fact that there was no color

I've played Routine and I enjoyed it!

It's an interesting concept

This is actually one of the most terrifying indie horror games I've played so far!
Really good job, definitely hope to see more of your games in the future!

I played That Dream yesterday and I quite enjoyed it.
I thought it was really good for a first project, well done!
Hope to see more games of you in the future.

it was nice to play a little Half-Life based indie horror game for a change!

Short but fun

I just played Whiteout and I thought it was really good!
Well done! I only wished it was a little bit longer, I was just getting into it.

I came across this game on Steam and it looked really interesting to me.
So without looking into it for too much, I just decided to try it out.
And I have to say, it kind of hit me hard in a way I didn't expect it to!
But in an odd way that's a good thing, I guess...
I liked the way this game was made, so good job!

Awesome little experience! I made a video of my try on it, feel free to check it out!

I enjoyed playing this little game! Feel free to check out my video of it!