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Grazie ahahah <3

Yea I was thinking about making playable with keyboard too ^^
Now i'm still working to make microphone work well. It's so hard to do it

Have you tried the windows build too?

What browser are you using?

Or make sure you have setted the correct default microphone into your pc

Or make sure you have the correct default microphone into your pc

Did you accept the microphone request from the browser?

Did you accept the microphone request from the browser?

Cool idea but with a bit of sounds and gfx would be better

Ah bello un italiano, si ho visto che ti andava a scatti il gioco ahah sarebbe da ottimizzare un po meglio ^^

Aww I love how you play every game I made <3

nice job!

Nice game but where is the cinema? lol

ehehehe <3

Oh you too <3<3

Thx <3

Thanks ❤️

Try to upload a .exe file not the entire folder of the python enviroment

Collisions are a bit buggy :')

Collisions are a bit broken

Some flies dosen't get trapped idk why

Great graphic but boring after 10 glasses

Set sprites filter to nearest pls

Cool game but it requires a bit of polishing. (audio is too loud)

I can't run the game :'(

I don't understood how to play

It frozes if you keep trying doing stuff when he's moving

It's so strange... in the intro there is literally 1 animation lol

How it crashed in the intro?

You need to look back to the man that looks at you

Oh... i will try to fix it

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Yea maybe you're right also great work

Like if I made a remake of super mario in 3d nintendo won't sue me, right?

Why selling a copyrighted game?

Add a coop mode

If you thinks so

You can download the apk