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This is a nice game!!!Thank for your   create,hope your create  smoothly

This is a nice game,everybody can play this game,even english not well,buyaway,i like this baby  =V=

Hello Cuone Dev,thank about you creat this awesome game,it's short,but i like that.

This video is rec by myself,i hope you will like it,sorry my english is not well,so i can't translate the language about chinese,Please forgive me

this game is horrorible...for the music,it's a good game,but i hate this crown,too horror  QAQ,i hope there will have much this kind game,thank for your Creation to make other people happy

it's a good game, i hope other people like it ,Hard work and thank you

The video will post after 13 hour

This game gametime is very short, but very interesting and scary. This is my gameplay video,maybe you don't know what i say,but i hope you will like it. Thank for your creation,i hope all of you have nice day