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Three days.

Glad to hear that! :D

Hey SteelRaven, you should add a drop down menu in the options before the game which allows you to pick what percentage of bots have what weapons. That way I can make an all melee game and rig up my own zombies game! :)

I have an idea for a character that could be interesting.


-can turn killed enemies into zombie allies

-slow walk speed

-shop owners instantly become aggressive

-police instantly become aggressive

(This is just an idea, hopefully one that you consider).

Someone suggested an idea for the genie lamp so I thought I'd share my own:

The genie lamp when right clicked should grant the player 1000 coins. It should have a 50% chance of doing this and a 50% chance of removing all items in the players inventory with evenly distributed amounts of coins.

After awhile of playing (one or two minutes) the game just starts to kill itself surprisingly. The entire screen will sometimes change to a group of random-coloured pixels or the game may just freeze. The game is still playable most of the time but you can't see anything that's happening on-screen. Opening up menus while in a game seems to help freeze the game up as well.

It's sad to see that the mac build still isn't all that playable-- hopefully in the future, though! :)

This game has so much replayability it's unbelievable. The funniest death that's happened to me so far was when I threw a bear trap, it bounced off a wall and hit me which ended up killing me instantly. I'll definitely be buying this off of Steam.

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I really love this game. I mean, REALLY love this game. I was kind of sad to see that the game ends at 2-3. Maybe you could just make the 2nd 'world' infinite for now? That would be awesome since it feels to short as it is. Overall, even though it's short as a demo, I can say without hesitation that this game is 10/10. Keep up the good work!

Absolutely awesome game! Nice work. :)

It's a single developer of the name SteelRaven7


I've noticed this too. Hopefully it gets fixed! :)

He's working on a new map currently. He's also said that he won't work on multiplayer.

To keep updated,

I have an idea for a mode for this game. It's just an idea, no need to take it into full consideration. :)

Zombie Mode

I think a mode where endless amounts of green-skinned, weaponless. melee hitters would be awesome. You could spawn in a certain amount of allies which if they die, they wouldn't respawn and the zombies would keep spawning. It would just be a mode where you were suppose to survive as long as you can. :)

I think that if this was added to the game, it was be a great additions and would spice up the gameplay a little bit. Just a thought. :)

Keep up the good work man! Love it!

I'm so happy to see this! You brought me hope for this game again! :)

I'd love to see LAN.

I love this so much! In the future, I'd like to see these: (No need to make these in the game, just an opinion)

- Koopas (This would add more depth as there would be more enemies in the world making it feel more lively).

- Mario Pipes (I noticed in 1-1 that the Mario Pipes were replaced with bricks. On the randomly generated worlds, maybe add pipes you could go down that would lead to the kind of battle when you confront a Hammer Bro in SMB 3? Or you could just make it deeper in the level. Either are equally awesome).

- Powerups (Currently, there only seems to be one kind of Powerup: the 1-UP. Maybe add a mushroom which would restore you back to the form you start in if you've been hit? If you were hit, you'd be Mini-Mario. Other than the mushroom, I'd add a Tanooki Tail powerup as well because sometimes you can't get past enemies without killing yourself for the invincibility).

- A Goal Flag/Star (Maybe add a Goal Flag/Star to the end of levels that would add to your total Star Count/Flag Count. After getting a large quantity of these stars/flags, a red Bowser face would spawn on the mini-map and you would have to fly there. It wouldn't be randomly generated and would be the final battle with Bowser. After beating that you locate Peach and the game ends.

These are just some thoughts and ideas. Overall, it's a great game! :D

I'd love to see you work with another developer. You could share ideas and overall speed everything up! ;D

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I'd love to see more of this game from you guys! I did have a few issues however whilst playing:

1. You can clip inside of a block and get stuck.

2. When you jump while moving you lose all momentum built up.

Other then these two things everything is fantastic! I'd love to see this further developed! Keep up the good work! :D

If you're not going to be patient, leave. This developer is making a game that is completely free. He also has a life of his own and can't work on this game 24/7.

Keep it up!

You basically just asked him to make a great game for free. You realize what is wrong with what you said, right?

Keep it up! :D

Love it so far!

I hope you're still working on a Mac release! This game looks absolutely amazing and I'd love to play it. :)

Dude. This guy is putting time into the game so the least you could do is help him out...

Just download the game again and name a price of however much you want to donate! :)

My favourite part of this game is when you see a grenade and run away from it and get blasted back by it and survive. It's absolutely awesome!

Every day I look at this game to see if there's any new news I see everyone freaking out about all of this stuff SteelRaven7 "needs" to add. Calm down guys. A sole developer is creating a game that is beautifully crafted and we shouldn't pressure him to add more stuff. He'll release and update when he wants to, not when you want to.

I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Red and blue are nice on the eyes as well. If another team would be added, it should be something like orange, purple or yellow.

Can't wait for the next update! :)

No problem! I decided to try assault mode and somehow managed to succeed. It was a ton of fun!

I wasn't running 0.351. I downloaded the new version but the game still froze but in a different way. Instead of the game's screen going black but with the game still running in the back ground, the game stopped completely and a little box popped up with the screen the game froze at. When I clicked the "OK" button on the box, the game completely shut down. I am able to play the game for thirty or so seconds and then the game freezes.

I hope you don't drop support for Mac because this game seems really awesome. :)

I must say that if you added everything that it says you added in the change log, then you obviously care about what kind of content you put out. You're awesome man!

This game hasn't been working properly for me. After around thirty or so seconds the game glitches out showing a black or "Corrupted" screen. I don't know if this is just from me running this game on a Macintosh computer but hopefully this is fixed! :)

Looks good! Keep doing what you're doing! This game is great.

I love this game but there are some additions/changes that need to be made. I seriously feel these will make the game ever greater.

1. The game is to easy

Whenever I play a game of this blue team always captures bases before red. This is seriously a problem because it causes blue to always win taking the fun out of the game. I don't know if it's how the bases are spread out but all I know is this needs to be fixed.

2. There needs to be a Death Match mode added

I feel like the game would be much better with an additional mode such as Death Match. A mode where there are no bases, no score multipliers just the player and his team. Whichever team would achieve the most kills first would win.

3. More maps

The game would greatly improve with more maps. This isn't as necessary as the other requests but this would be nice. The maps I think should be added are an Underground base, a lush jungle where stealth is very important, a Desert with tons of vehicles, two gigantic planes that can be crossed-- one plane for each team, A factory with a giant pit in the middle that acts as a 'blender', and a map with two bases separated by a lake/ocean. The bases would each have sniper towers and helicopters for air battles.

4. The game should have a King of the Hill mode

A mode where there is a single spot that if players/Npcs are in, they gain points for their team.

5. The game needs more vehicles

Here are the vehicles I believe should be added: A tank that can only be killed by helicopter rockets or rocket launchers. It would take 3 rockets to kill, A Motorcycle vehicle for two people and a military car that has a turret on the back. Like, a Warthog from the Halo series.

6. The helicopter controls need to be worked on

The helicopter is too hard to control. I often find myself flying it for a few seconds than losing complete control of it and bailing.

7. The game needs more weapons

This is something I feel is necessary and should be worked on as soon as possible. The weapons I feel should be added are: a fire grenade. Once the grenade detonates, it releases an explosion of fire that lights the ground. The fiery ground would burn the player if the player is in the fire eventually killing them, a Magnum that would work at very close ranges but would kill very easily, a Mini Gun that would cause the player to only be able to carry one weapon instead of the normal two. It'd be very powerful, another weapon that would be nice would be a silenced machine gun to go with the silenced pistol. It would do 2/3s as much damage as the machine gun the last weapon that I think should be added would be a landmine. It would go in the slots that the Rpg, health pack, ammo pack and grenades would go in and would be armed when placed. If stepped on/ run over, it would explode causing anything over top of it to blow up.

8. The game needs melee weapons

I think the game only needs 2 or 3 melee weapons like a knife and a dagger.

These are what I think can make this game even better. The AI is amazing and doesn't need to be changed and overall the game feels great so far. Hopefully you add the things listed above as I think they'd make a great addition.

Your friend, Foil