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Wow, that was fun but stressful! I lost on day four and I'm not sure I'll be able to beat 5.

Very fun game with lots of polish and a nice musical score. Found an exploit where you can collect money and swimmers while in the store which pauses the screen. That made it even more fun >:3

This is a very refreshing game to play. Its fast paced, even at its slowest moments and the inevitability of your loss makes it easy to overcome the mental barrier associated with most tycoon games. Each game is less than a minute which makes it fun to try to optimize your earning at the end since the time invested in each game is negligible. 5/5

There seems to be a mismatch between the production values shown for the buildings and the actual values. I didn't notice at first but then a tried a game where there were only buildings that didn't have any negatives and the values didn't add up.

I can't take a screenshot because of the way the upgrades work, but for example: when you only have the market, upgrading it from lvl 1 to lvl 2 sets the total income to 17. I'm not sure if its suppossed to be 12 or 20 but its not the displayed value.

The art is very well done but the gameplay is a little rough around the edges. The UI also seems to display incorrect data. Overall a well done idle game.

A very simple concept but with a surprising amount of complexity. You've beautifully polished the visuals and the mechanics are crisp, intuitive, and well balanced.

The biggest flaw is that the tooltips for the bottom right UI element do not appear on the screen.

Regardless, I loved the game and hope to see it go somewhere.

Enjoyable but confusing 4/5

Loved it! The puzzles weren't particularly hard, but I did fail a few times before learning the trick. I enjoyed the reward at the end :D

This is really cool! The UI is a bit difficult to work with but the game is soooo beautiful.

This is a really cool concept, great job!

Fun game but emails can't be sent from unknown addresses. The protocol doesn't allow it. Kinda nitpicky since its the future or wtv but felt wierd.

I really loved the album! Thank you so much for making it <3

Not to brag but I 100% Fat Bear Week in under an hour. Nbd

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Are games supposed to be able to run on a gameboy or just be "gameboy like". If it's not supposed to run on a gameboy do we follow the same technical limitations? ie. 8-bit integers, 256 max tiles on screen ect.