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Thanks, glad you having fun.

Can't wait to play another of they new game also wish they were more of this type of game.

Yes, it should be fine. Also I see the profile picture that you also a fan of Namaste Koboo game Magical Girl Luna's Misfortunes, I also a fan of the game. 

Does the game now have that maid bad ends or does it have other bad ends?

I have you spoke to the Maid in the desk in the first floor? or have you talk to a vit name Elira in the second floor? You can ask for more help in the game official discord.

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I have try to fix today and have update with the latest version 0.11, can you try again?

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I have try to fix today and have update with the latest version 0.11, can you try again?

I forgot to delete this game web version again, So sorry I still can't fix the error even though have try to fix it but still wouldn't work. I don't know what the cause of those problem. Again sorry for the inconvenience,  you could try play it using JoiPlay or it on windows.

I'm so sorry, but right now I can't fix it. I have try multiple way to fix it but it useless  I don't know why it keep errors and haven't found the cause of this so I decide in couple of days going to delete the game Web version, Your can try play it on android using JoiPlay can download it on the Google Store also can download on their official website or Your play it on Windows. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Here a guide to reach Gaymax.

Going to check and review that map again, see if I can make it Harder! *Evil Laugh* Nah! just kidding, it going to be some improvement and nerf of the map.


Thanks. Retry feature is not happen on my first game because have to go back and re-work some of the code can took few days and can cause new errors so I want to try add this for my second future game, could try save before fighting enemies.

Your welcome.

Glad to see someone know the reference. :D

Go to second floor and go to tops left there a room and a light that incidate it you bedroom.

Sorry, for late reply.  Smash skill are exclusive on lolita Alita form.

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Sorry, but there no plan yet. is hard to port it on android. Try apps name Joiplay it can play many RPG MAKER Games.

What your mean? just download like the usual and look at the name files.

Can try play this on android phone, by using Joiplay. See the tutorial in here.

I see that on patreon page the last post is on 9, January. So wonder how the development going?  

Okay, I will try if can. Where the area map you lost? or You can ask for help in discord or my twitter.


Shit, I don't know what else to do to fix this yet, for now your can try play the non-web game, sorry for any inconvenience.

I have update the game, does this fix it?

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Wait, but have you try again to play? it may work if you slow or without press any button while it's loading. Also what device you play this?

I will try to fix it's, make sure to backups your save file before old version remove, sorry for inconvenience.

Sorry, to hear it. Meanwhile your can go try play with the full game download in here:

Make sure to put your save file data into a notepad before next month new update release, see the guide here. 

Hah?? weird, I have try downloading it's is downloading and have open it just fine, probably you Apps archive/format are not support the .rar file.


What happen to the first game?



Sorry for late reply, Yeah that is a good Ideas, I try to add this on next version. thanks.

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Yeah, your should grind to level up a little bit, I have make Lolita couple stat like ATK and Def go up higher when her level up.

What do your mean? Your mean avoid the enemies? or boss? if your want to proceed further to the story your have to defeat the boss.

Ok. Thank for playing and giving the feedback, i will check again the skill.

Oohh.... Ok. I didn't realize before lol

Try this. don't replaces your old config.rpgsave and global.rpgsave to the newest one if your do, then delete those two and start a game and play it new start after the intro go save like save to Saves 1 then exit the game, and rename your old save file like "file7.rpgsave" to "file1.rpgsave" then copy paste it to the newest Saves 1/file1.rpgsave it should fix it hope your understand and sorry for late reply.