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Derek, you are doing some great work on our humble Vic 20. Well done, mate.

Great stuff. Well done.

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This is a very well thought out and constructed project managing tool for just about anything. I had to buy it after working through the tutorial in the demo. Looking forward to managing my game projects a bit easier with this.

Good work.

Always interesting to read these posts about Scramble, Wiebo. I had a similar problem with GMS 2 when I wrote my first game using that. I had lots of separate objects all off doing their own thing and no dedicated game handler object to keep track of them all. It caused all sorts of wild problems with controlling instances of objects to update them with information from other objects to try and keep everything working correctly, even for something simple like a Pause mode. 

I learnt a lot from doing a bit of research before I started the next game as it's so much simpler to avoid future problems when you make sure you know what you're doing first.

Good luck with what you're doing.

Good work, Andy.

This is great work, Adam. Well done.

Don't forget to add the "xattr -d sunken" instruction for Mac users to be able to play the game Catalina+

Nice one, Chris. A great advert for using TRSE to make games for retro systems. Well done :)

Hmm, that is interesting. It's been a while since I looked at the code for this but that part of the game was written very early on so I missed that as I was getting pretty good at the game once I finished writing it. I've been meaning to update the project anyway so this will give me a good excuse. Keep an eye open for an update on the page in a week or so.

Just to let you know that app works fine on my Catalina iMac after moving to applications and then running.

This is a great piece of work. I'll use it for my next game. Well done.

30 mins of research and I have a cunning plan. No flashy graphics AAA game here. I'm going solid retro.

I copied the created neko binary into my gmlive folder within the project just for convenience but I'm pretty sure it was in the global path after installation.

Also note you can press ctrl c to stop the server running when you're done. I find it's best to not close the shell application once you've used it because you can then just call it up again and press up cursor to select the commands and press enter to get it quickly running again.

These are my notes I kept for future reference once I got the extension installed and up and running in the game I've just finished. I'm going to have to set it all up again for the next project so I wrote down the important information.

To install Neko after you have downloaded it you need to cd to its path and use: "brew --prefix neko"

This should also put the neko binary into the $PATH and stop having to security exception it. You'll probably need to enter your login password here.

If you get an error after installing then also try this, as it worked for me then.

"brew reinstall neko"

Navigate to the projects datafiles/GMLive folder then select neko and press CMD/Shift/R to open terminal in that folder.

Type in "neko gmlive-server.n"

Well done, Adam. Knew you'd make the deadline :)

Downloading now to have test run.

ahh missed you asked for an Email. I'll send that too.

I sent a Twitter DM with a link to download a test project I made for moving/updating objects in a room. Hopefully you can see where I'm going wrong as it's not working for me. I've tried on GMS2 for both Mac and on Windows via parallels.

I'll have a go at putting something smaller together to test it. Probably a bit ambitious trying it on something as big as my current project for a first attempt.

It's definitely working ok with a function. I just did it with one I use to reset a score table.

I just added the: 

if (live_call()) return live_result;

directly under the function creation line.

There lies another problem. I thought that might have been an issue and tried what you suggested but now, while the game doesn't crash out with an error, it literally hangs with a spinning colour wheel before anything starts to happen, apart from the game screen being shown.

Just going to add to this that I watched the video you posted to an earlier post with basically the same issue and followed that but it ain't working for me.!AmFBFulY5eDxqDjIWTd-yIIUbwPX?e=t4xX9x

Sorry, can't grab the text out of the error box from gms 2 for some reason. That's a screenshot.

It looks to be crashing in my function for updating the room which I set up based on the script you create in your video.

function roomUpdated() {

This is what I have added to the obj_gmlive Create event:

#macro live_enabled 1

// change IP/port here if you connect to remote gmlive-server:
live_init(1, "http://localhost:5100", "");

// Tony stuff
live_blank_object = objBlank;
live_blank_room = Blank;
live_room_updated = roomUpdated();
room_set_live(Level1, true);

Only got the extension today so I'm still finding my way around. I've got it up and running doing basic stuff like changing an object variables on the fly, which is great. However, I'm also thinking that I should be able to edit the room objects as well, and the documentation does indicate this. I've been tinkering for a couple of hours now but there's only like a few sentences on this in the doc file and I can't seem to get my head around it. Also it looks a bit out of date with the changes to functions from scripts possibly.

I'm just looking to add or move objects within a room and have them updated so I can build and edit the map my player object is running around without having to constantly recompile every time I move a blocks position.

I bought it and got it up and running on my Mac this afternoon. I had a few teething troubles trying to get it up and running but eventually ended up copying the binaries for Neko into the folder with the gmlive server tool to get it up and running. Still trying to get my head round how to get changes in rooms updating, so objects can be placed while running but, once the server was up and running in terminal, then I just used the 

if (live_call()) return live_result;

line in both the step event and the draw event in my player object and I was able to adjust the player movement and draw info on the screen while the game was running.

TLDR: Yes, it worked.

Wow. didn't realise I had a Vic 20 tag on there. Probably because it has influences from some of the games I played on one. I'll remove it as it's caused confusion. Thanks for the heads up.

This is a cracking little game. well done.

Thank you.

This is actually a fun little game to play around with. I'm a big fan of the proper game and I love the way you've done this 2D tribute. I see you have the 1.4 source on git hub but would you release it for GMS2 as well so we don't have to deal with import converted code? I'm curious to see how you've created the game in code.

Many thanks.

I've already told you on Syntax bomb that I was well impressed with your game but I'm doing it here as well so hopefully other people will be encouraged to download it. 

Well done on creating a great game.

Play it with a pad, mate. The keyboard controls were put in because I basically had to. I spent two days messing around trying to get something workable with the two different methods but was never really happy with that side. Put in a ps4 or xbox controller and you play it the way it really needs to be played. I made the game f*&(*ing hard which is why it really needs a pad to get any kind of reasonable score. Even I don't last that long playing it.

Thanks for your kind comments too :)

I'm guessing influence is definitely Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands, right? :-)

Hey, Mr MX. This looks like a really cool Xmas game. Can't play it native to Mac though so I'll have to wait until I get my Parallels updated to have a go. What dev system did you use to create it?

Haha, I love it. Simple idea yet it works really well. Nice humour as well. See you wrote this with Construct. I'm tempted to recreate it in Gamemaker Studio 2 as a coding exersize if you'd let me use your assets?

Nice little game, Craig. Well done.

I have uploaded a bug fix Mac version of the game which lets you use full screen, fixes the horn bug collision range and a couple of other minor issues. The Windows bug fix version will also be online shortly.

Also just picked up this set of assets as I want to use them in games I usually release free. Is there any issue if I was to use them in a game I make to sell?

Well played, Adam.

Definitely top level of a ladder when it happened. I'll try new version and see if it does still happen.

Great job again, Adam. I don't remember this game at all but it was fun having a crack at the game anyway.

You've got some kind of bug with the title screen selection of levels, options and exit game buttons. Using the cursors to navigate won't let you select exit. You're able to select options but Space to activate doesn't work on the button. Exit isn't available to navigate to at all. Using mouse and clicking does work ok.

Also noted flickering in the arcade version when mouse going up the ladder with a flower but possibly that's meant to do that? Got mouse stuck at the top of the ladder as well due to some glitch but doesn't happen all the time. The worst kind of bug.

Hope you get some good comments for your work.

Excellent game, Adam. You've outdone yourself. Well done.

Fantastic little game. Play it people - this is Tetris with a brilliant gameplay twist. Or should I say Trisst? :-)

This is a great little game. Well done, Adam.