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World record! I'm still amazed at how people got the chance to speedrun your game! Nice!

One of the best horror games I've ever played. each room has its own unique minigame. nicely done!

No, you just suck.

So who's going to beat my record? Not bad.


I finally finished Signora Maria through the based game of Edwardo. I'll give you my thoughts on it. 

At first, I knew I had to find the main office to begin the game, but there was no direction towards it. There was a map on the wall, but the players might wander somewhere else. Since the game was so dark, the players might think the flashlight had battery limits, but it does not, which makes the game scary. There was a glitch I encountered where I got stuck on the roof. I have no idea how that happened. Maybe it was the door that clipped me out of the map? I don’t know.

I’m looking forward to seeing moistcr1tikal try this game since he plays a role in this chapter. I'll be speedrunning Signora Maria on Twitch. Anyway, what an awesome game!

- penguinz0

I wish he speedruns this game again.

Edwardo is a combination of comedy and horror throughout the development of this game. The graphics are beautiful, especially the lighting that brings the detail of the textures. What's more interesting was the enemy with the Tommy Gun. In other horror games, you would most likely encounter a monster, but here you are being tracked by an enemy with a weapon in the game. I love the enemy's humor whenever he tries to find you. The pacing of this game was fair, and it took me an hour to complete it. It does have horror, but some parts aren't frightening.

Imposter Hide is one of the best 3D Among Us games out there! It's up there with Dani (MrBeast's friend)! I love this game!

I thought it would be best to finish your collection before I play your new game. I know this game is old, but there's something wrong with the levers, and I can't click on it. In my spare time, I'll be speedrunning on hard mode.

Once I recognized the face from Paralyzis, I immediately knew who developed this game. This was an interesting horror game. I don't know if I got all the secrets, but I believe I got both endings. I'm not sure about the objectives, such as the key, hidden interactions, etc. I also played Don't Do It and Paralyzis before! You guys keep up the good work!

Well, I hope this game will be released soon! December 2021 is a bit long, but I hope it's good. Try your best to release the game as soon as possible! I am looking forward to playing your full released game. 

This game was scary! I had visions of the scary mazy game, and the jumpscare gave me nightmares when I was a kid. It also reminds me of Forbidden.exe! Be sure to like and comment on my video!

This is probably the weirdest Spongebob game I've ever played in my life. If the glitches were fixed, it would've been so much better. Leave a like on the video! :D

Even though I age-restricted this video, the developer wants me to play his game to honor his friend's wish. It shows that I care for people than my own content. That's why I respect every single creator on, and it is a blessing that if ANYONE can play their games, then I'll be the first one to make it happen. You can literally see my progress on YouTube, and how many times I supported the creators. Don't you dare say that I didn't care about him.

This would be terrifying if it was co-op. It was an amazing horror game, and it's still trending!

I'm so sorry for your friend Charlie. He would've been proud to see you finish the project. I can see how you feel in this game. It does send out an important message about suicide prevention. I'm glad to experience the game. I hope you're doing good as well.

These jumpscares definitely caught me off guard. It was amazing! 

This was one of the best horror games right now! I love the narrator (who gives zero fucks), and the jumpscares were very good! I think this deserves to be number one.

Among Us is now a horror game?! When I first saw this, I thought it would be extremely fun and scary, but turns out it wasn't even finished. Nevertheless, it was decent.

My final Saberbeast video. A great horror game and achievement again!

10 months ago, I played Sweet Pensiveness Christmas and it was a great memory! It's time for me re-visit your new game!

Let me know when it's fully released. E-mail me and I'll do a video!

The game was very good! I love the League of Legends theme to it. I had a feeling that it would be scarier, because I hate mannequins but turns out it wasn't too bad. Leave a comment and like on my video, I would appreciate it a lot! 😊

Reacting To Saberbeast Reactions!

A very scary Japanese horror game I've ever played. It's usually scarier than other themes.

This horror game was definitely better than Cleaning Service! The environment and graphics were good. I just wish there were more jumpscares. Overall, a great game!

The Baby In Yellow. This feels like a trap.

Mark my words! I shall defeat every single opponent (maybe) in the competition.

Horror Tooth community · Created a new topic Thank You!

As for my hard work, I would like to thank everyone for supporting me in winning the competition. I thought I was never going to win, but I knew I could do it. This reward was huge on my YouTube channel, and I can't wait to do more. Saberbeast, here I come! 

This was VERY hard, and I've played it on NORMAL mode! All the critiques are near the end of the video, and it should help you what to improve on. I enjoyed the little Easter Egg about me. I am aware that you updated the game recently, so the competition should be fair. Overall, it's not a bad game!

The gameplay was very good. The graphics were definitely amazing compared to other games. I think the only issue was to increase the brightness. I also want to know how you can avoid or kill the Siren Head. Overall, it was decent!

I've played your game! The video is tomorrow!

Another Nightmare gameplay if you guys haven't seen it!

This is rewarding.

How interesting! This horror game reminds me of Suite 776. Everything was good except for the jumpscares. I feel like it needs more improvement but it's still decent.

Overall, it's good!