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It was a good! The demo reminds me of a horror game called Granny. The only thing I would update are the notes, because I couldn't read due to lighting (I think I forgot to turn off my flashlight) or font size. Anyways, it was a good demo!

It should be fine now, I don't know if you updated it.

Thank you so watch for watching! I would appreciate a lot if you subscribe!

When I finished playing this horror game, I didn't even know it had multiple endings. It looks like I got the secret ending on my first attempt? Anyways, I love your idea on this game development!

Do you not know what a Trojan virus is? 

It shows Trojan virus when I attempt to play. My Malwarebytes detected this.

When I downloaded this, it shows Trojan virus.

Trojan virus?

You should keep it up! It would be awesome if you subscribe because I'll play more of your horror games!

I tried this horror game and it was actually scary. I don't know if you guys are making more chapters, but I am hoping you guys continue to develop more games! This was great!

I thought it was going to be scary, but it wasn't too bad. I would say add a sprint button for the character to run, and several jumpscares to entertain your audience. Overall, it was decent!

It was a short horror game, but it gets more interesting later on. Well done!

The gameplay was good but it was also short. I don't even know if the closet was supposed to be a hiding spot, but it needs to be updated. Overall, this horror game was good!

I am quite late to play this horror game, but it was very good!

It gets even more terrifying until you reach more levels. The only bug I had was the windows near the end of my video, but it was still an amazing game! i would appreciate a lot if you subscribe!

It was a quiet gameplay until the monster showed up. It was a good horror game. I hope you guys make more chapters!

This is truly scary.

When I saw this horror game on trending for almost a month, I decided to give it a try. It wasn't too scary. The jumpscares were decent and it had easy objectives.

I've done a review on your trailer, but it was a decent horror game!

Thank you so much for watching! I hope you guys make more maps!

I haven't played this in a while, but it's back! Well done.

Overall, I've enjoyed this game a lot, because the environment brings a lot of fear to the player. The tools in this game looks redundant which makes it a lot more interesting to its atmosphere and gameplay. Well done!

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I see! It was possible to go past the sleeping homeless guy. I thought I had to take the "dangerous" route. Anyways, I'll go check the good ending!

It was an amazing experience for me! I do not like sewers especially when it comes to horror games, but this was interesting. I couldn't get the good ending so I decided to get the bad ending which I knew from the beginning.

I would say this was a very short horror game, however I find it hilarious how you've created this horror game from a cookie. It's not bad!


Your wish has come true!

This game will probably become popular until its full release. The chapters and characters are so interesting. It took me a while to figure out that puzzle, but I'm sure you will make puzzles easier in the future. This was awesome!

This is a virus?

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Onlooker was a very good short horror game. The atmosphere is very good and audio effects were effective for the environment. I would say this was a very good storytelling. The only main issue I had was the FPS. Everything was running smooth on my screen, but after seeing the footage, it was lagging a lot. If I missed anything hidden in this video, please let me know! Anyways, this was definitely an amazing horror game. I would appreciate a lot if you share and comment on my video.

I just want to say this was the weirdest, cutest and saddest horror game I've played, which means this was 10/10. Well done!

I was so scared when I've realized this horror game could've been similar to P.T. but it was short. It's definitely the best horror game I've probably experienced so far. You guys did a great job of this!

I forgot to post this so I hope you enjoy! The gameplay was very easy until I read the instructions. I gave up when the Bigface Marsh caught me when I had full proof meter.

I will for sure! I also want you to send me a question on Twitter by commenting, because I am doing a special Q&A video.

The environment looks simple and good. The monster can detect me easily which makes the game a lot more challenging. Well done!

Thank you! I really appreciated and I'll upload more content!

I don't remember if I've posted this video here but whatever.

There was a bug at 3:50 where I've used the flare in the checkpoint, and it slowed me down permanently.

It was a very good horror game! The environment definitely brings a good theme for this development.