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This was very cool

This is a really cool idea

This is somehow relaxing, it's really fun!

This was a fun game!

Really short but really fun! This is a great concept

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This is one of the coolest game concepts, it would make an amazing full game! Reminds me of the whistling yaka arrow weapon that Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy uses!

I saw this being featured towards the end of GMTK's video and it looks awesome!

This would make the game a lot more fun with cool deck buliding strategies. On my first run I picked up one of the powerups that made it so that I did 3 damage for every broken peg. After this I prioritized picking only pinballs that were heavy, bouncy, or had a % chance to break a peg in order to maximize the number of broken pegs I had. Being able to build my own custom peg breaker deck would make it much more interesting than just hoping I get those pinballs by chance!

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I agree, the idea is fun but even on easy mode it felt weirdly difficult to grab the mail and it seemed like the FPS was lagging.

EDIT: It seems like lag is only happening in full screen mode for me. After exiting full screen it went back to 60fps and it was much better!

This was really fun and the mechanics are interesting but the levels were much too easy. It would be awesome to see a more challenging puzzles!

This was a super cool game! I would love to play a full game version of this.

Dang the physics on this is really fun! I'd love to see a full game out of this.

This is a fun game, but I think instant drop off should be enabled by default. This isn't a mobile idle game; just sitting there and staring at the screen for so long with nothing to do is not a very good mechanic and quite boring. The fact that it takes 2 entire upgrade points also makes it useless because it's always faster to just get the speed or area upgrades instead. In general though, I think making the player just stare at the screen with nothing to do should never be enabled in any game (unless you're supposed to, like an idle game).

This is a really simple but fun game! It would have been better with enemies and something to give it a bit more of a challenge. It was my favorite from this game jam though.

This game was really cool!

Really fun game! The ending was funny

I love this game! It's so simple and fun, some harder levels would be awesome

This is an awesome game! Would love to see a full version with upgrades and more additions. I think it would also be interesting to add a mechanic where your AI person can get "detached" if he gets hurt and you have to get him back. Another addition could be if the light was more realistic so you couldn't flash it through walls, it would just make it feel better.

This was my favorite game from this jam! I absolutely loved it. It reminded my of playing Fireboy and Watergirl, and was really simple and fun.

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This game was great! It has a really simple yet unique mechanic with a lot of fun levels. I would definitely play a full version of this game. One thing though is that I didn't know that you could link 2 people together for several levels until I did it on accident, and the boss fight was a bit confusing at first. I didn't realize you were supposed to link the enemies to the ceiling so they would hit the boss lol

This is a really cool game idea!

This game is really fun!

This is a really fun game! The bouncy platforming is a really cool idea, although sometimes it feels a little janky.

I like the combat. The long range feels and lasting hitbox is fun.

This was a really good game! Nice difficulty balance.

Awesome game!

I really liked this game! The dialogue and characters were great.

This is a great concept but I think the pacing was really slow and the enemies/platforming was too easy. A bit of challenge would have made each level feel more unique, but this was a great game! I like the boss the best

This is a really cool concept!

I found a bug where one of the monsters teleports to the left pathway after finding the robot engine. It completely blocks it so you have to restart the game to play. But this was a really great game!

This was a really cool game! I think the one problem was that you can't beat the game until you lose at least twice to get the double jump and dash. Because of this, I just jumped off twice at the beginning of each level on purpose and it was much easier, which isn't a very fun mechanic. I also couldn't tell what improvements I was getting after the double jump and dash (was it more damage?) Either way, it was still a great game!

This is one of my favorite games from this game jam! Really cool idea

This is a really cool idea! Loved the game

This is a great game, but I ended up being able to beat it on the first try without losing any lives by picking all dialogue related to the owners. It would have been cool if you couldn't actually win on the first try and you actually had to use the extra lives so that the mechanic feels more important than just a lives counter. Great game though! This reminded me exactly of the opening to Detroit Becomes Human.

This was my favorite game mechanic from this jam! It's really fun. I only wish the game was actually a bit hard, because it has no challenge right now.

This is hands down the best game jam I've ever played.
It's such a unique and fun concept! I would love to play a full version of this some day.

This game is completely amazing! The concept is unique and the art mind-blowing. I had a blast playing it! I hope you can finish your game successfully.

This game is pure awesomeness! I love it! The music is amazing too, any chance it will be released for download?