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ok I'll wait I'm just excited I didn't expect for you to do this 

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Yet again tis a great fear to relinquish thyself from this terror that has brought itself upon and salute the for the spooky moments and indepth lore.

Great game also love your games.

Also subscribe xd

Got all the ending btw

no way, im doing a videos on this asap for next week Bob thank you

I was merely just a vessel of the damnation that was unfolding Infront of my eyes as I ponder and wonder through the floors of my purgatory.

Also subscrib, spooky game xd

Thy must be bequeath with knowledge of the holy arts to dignify once self to understand the machinations of the creator of this marvelous game of terrible horror. 

Btw subscribe and good game xd

I have never been in such a state of delusion and mind boggled you sir, mam did a good job at making me feel crazy.

LIke the "story" or the subliminal messagebut ye good game

The feeling of dread and the feeling of being watched at every moment is what I'd describe this experience.

Gud game.

Lemi, thank you for another wonderful story and for a game jam you did alot and I love how you have progressed in such a short time in art wise and content wise and I thank you for letting me read your stories and making videos about them.

Also subscribe xd

How dare you make such a great game with such low storage capacity I applaud at the.

I have forgotten the feeling of despair and the feeling of dread a hole of chaos just open whence i open thy video game and i can say for certain that i have been spooked to my core.


also great game i really enjoyed it and your hard work was worth it

I hate that it took me 30 minutes to decode the text just to get trolled like that, amazing work. 

pls subscribe

Ye btw I did a video on it

i love the story but i was sad it was cut out short

i  yearn for the story to develop and to indulge in the aftermath of the abrupt ending of this magnificint lil tale

i see a video idea also do you plan to make a full game out of it? if so when? 

loved it, but i wish i had a flashlight soo i can see the creepy crawlers coming

i made it to the truck and i didnt know what to do when i got to it idk if there is an ending but i enjoyed the chase 

nice little adventure


Jesus, bob you make these amazing stories that im invested in everyone that i've played, the artstyle and the sound track makes these games even creepier and they keep getting better and better.

Hope you are doing good and i hope you get more people to notice you and i'm just some guy that happened to play them and was interested on how you think.

FOR THE SHADE (i love that you do this)

this one is spectacular, im gonna record the other fear me in the future maybe next week idk but thanks for making great stories and giving me videos to record

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Your games made me the youtuber i am today thank you for making these games and thank you for the spooks, on tuesday im going to upload a video on this game. I love your style and i hope you continue to make me scare to the core.

Sam ffs i was demented after this in a good way, your game made me feel like an ice cube inside a pot of boiling water, it made me open my third eye and my soul was ripped out of my body, thats how i felt like with this game.

ps: translation: it was good

xd thx i'll post a video today of me playing it.

amamzing job love the story telling and the tone it set.

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fuckk me this one hit hard, i've never felt this way by a indie game in a while the control scheme was perfect for this type of story tellling and the noises made it better.

im going to upload a video tomorrow.

thx for making the game.

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in about 3 hours my playthrough is gonna be uploaded to my channel

Fuck this hit me deep at my heart 

Story = Amazing

Characters = Relatable

Art style = Sureal 

the video was worth it

wow just woah the feeling was like tf

also you should set the Sleep=Margin from 10 to 100 or 50 soo it could be playable, bc i couldn't do the tree puzzle the first time and i had ot change it from 10 too 100 soo i could get a fullscreen and imerse myself but other then that impressive stuff you got here. 

definitly worth making the video.

jesus you swing and you hit a home run with this one i was astonished of the end and the currupted levels and the eye animation was very creepy idk why more people play your games im glad i played them

i see the game but it needs work

hey is the second ending like hell?

like the first ending was like sky interpreting heaven and the long guy was the devil tempting you into hell?

or am i reading it too much

eirther way it was worth making a video about it, thank for making the game.



ah i see sorry i missed read it