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Notveverytime, I'll try to docyumentvit next time it happens. I'm going through the easy levels, and it seems that after a crash, the next one works.

Love the game, unfortunately, when I quit to the main playdate menu, then come back to play more, my playdate crashes and needs to be restarted :/

So far, this game looks amazing. I cannot wait to see what it turns into.

Hey there!

Where are the saves located on Linux?

This game just mixes certain themes and feelings in a really outstanding way.  I'm still not done with it, but god damn, I'm enjoying the ride.

the main game, though it might have been in the explore mode, but I wouldn't have noticed.

This was a really fun experience, especially since I didn't knew that the game was going to be about, as soon as Angola was mentioned things got really interesting.

If you plan on making more on this concept, it would be really nice to have maybe a little bit more control over the corkboard. For example a way to "merge" two items that have been  torn in half, to trash useless notes, or to easily move a group of notes together.

(On a side note, after quitting the game and restarting, if I move an element the red strings do not follow and stay stuck at its old location.)

WORLD OF HORROR community · Created a new topic Steam Key?

I've bought the game 3 years ago, before steam was even announced, is there any plan to release steam keys for Itch Buyers ?