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Zachary Seebeck (Xeinix)

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This is a really nice game!

This game is tons of fun. Amazing job. 

An amazing application to make quick pieces of music! Couldent imagine not being able to use this!

That was hystarical! Saw it on twittter and knew I had to run through it. For being made in a weekend that was just great! Pretty darn relateable too. Lastly, nice job using the Mario win sound without being cought :D

Oh wow. That's awesome!

This was a lot of fun! If you don't mind me asking, what all did you use to make this game? Like game engine and such.

Hey there. Haven't had a chance to use the tool yet. (I'm still developing the map for my next game,) but I thought I would raise a problem with your app. If you're using the desktop app, it hangs on installing and you can't do anything with it. Not sure if this is with your side or itch's, but I thought I would let you know in either case.

Little update, After about 3 hours of on and off play, I was finally able to beat it with the archer. That was quite fun. Now just to try the other classes.

Wow, really nice concept! I was looking for a quick game to play and came across this and thought it was really cool. There are a couple of critasisms that I have though. First off, it would be really nice if you had a pause screen. So that way you can exit, save, or adjust settings to the game easily. 2nd, a background to the main menu would be really cool to see. Maybe an overview of the playing field. As I said, amazing concept and great inital release. If you need anyhelp with the Unity editor or programming, just let me know, I have a lot of personal work I've done with that. Have a wonderful day!