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I had no idea how hacking really looked... turns out all those movies were wrong :D

Visuals were really amazing! It took me some time to figure out what to do but i had a lot of fun then :)

Really sweet game!

Wow, all this in 3 1/2 days? How is this even possible? All those levels, a whole super detailled tutorial and even a map editor. This is impressive, really! I played quiet a lot and had so much fun!

Only thing i would have loved to see is if the turn left/right instructions were clockwise/conterclockwise instructions as I had to think about which way the robot is facing constantly. But thats a minor detail...

Great game! Really!

Funky undead music, amazing artwork and fun gameplay. What a banger! You even added the option to remap the controls... in a gamejam game! Amazing work! Thats all I can say! I had a lot of fun!

Wow what a great game! It looks super polished and the gameplay was so much fun! Of course you are quiet a big team but it's also really impressive that you managed to coordinate so many people!

Great work guys!

Man that was so much fun, we played both ends (of course we made everything wrong in the first playthrough :D) and had a really great time with the dialoges!
A nice thing to add would be an ending for the player answering every question exactly the same as the AI, that would have been hilarious.

Great game, we had so much fun!

This is a suprisingly great way to illustrate the process of how ai learns packed in a relaxing little drawing game! When I was drawing a grass plane it was nice to see the point where the AI noticed that I want te green on the bottom of the screen and helped me filling the empty spaces.

Maybe a eraser would have been nice, otherwise really cool idea, I had a lot of fun!

Wow, thats some instable reactor :D

It took some time to figure out what to do, a small tutorial would have been nice. 

I really liked your art it remeinded me of old nokia games.

Wow! Your game looks so nice omg! The style is amazing! I love the narrative and gameplay was also quiet some fun! Are the levels AI generated? Because i had quiet some that seem to be unsolvable but that added to the mechanic in some way so no need to change anything in my eyes. Only thing that would have been nice would have been if you don't start on the first iteration of the level after you die, thats all that comes to my mind. 

Really a masterpiece! Amazing work!

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Creepy kawaii style? You definetly got that right :D I like with what a derpy concept you've came up! The artstyle suits this pretty well. Sadly I managed to softlock the game two times. And the text could have scrolled a little slower, otherwise nice concept.

This is a certified epic game! Some levels were quiet chellanging and everything had a nice pace so you can easily learn how everthing works.

It would have been nice if the arrows wouldn't dissappear after you die so you don't need to remember what you have done.

Otherwise a lot of fun, great work!

Woooow SHARKS! Thats totally my game :D

It was quiet some fun swimming around in a school of fish. And hey I even lerned something: Swimming around in a scool of fish is apperantly called schooling. Nice!

Only thing I would have changed would be the shark sound, it sounded a little like a lion, otherwise cute little game!

Wow, that rabbit really is an one cute dork, omg :D Don't get me wrong we had so much fun laughing over what he was doing but man.

I loved the visuals and and small details like the animation when entering or exiting the cave.

Only thing that made me sad was the absence of a carrot on the end of the level, otherwise I had a lot of fun!

Wow, this started slow and escallated quickly! I've allways dreamed of being a tomato on a skateboard.

The movement was really smooth and felt super nice. I loved how everything happened at once in the end. 

I had quiet some fun!

I would love to have that cute robot in our office!

I had quiet some fun and the visuals are really amazing. The time it took until a person gets sad and the order is cancled was a little fast, maybe a first level with longer timeframes would be nice.

Super fun puzzle game! I really loved the funky animations. The only thing that would have made it better would be a small tutorial as I took quiet a while to understand what to do.

In a full version (which I would love to see) a wider variety of funky music would be nice but that is of course out of the scope of this jam!

Great game, had a lot of fun!

That was by far the best game of the jam I've played so far! Great work! The puzzles were really challenging (in a good way) and the dialoges with the robot were really cute! Nice touch with the two (i don't know if there are more) endings! I bet the life with the robot wasn't all that boring :)

Great work, really!

Really cute game! I love the cat, and how the robot gets angry if you hit him with the rock! 

I managed to softlock the game once when the robot flew the block into a wall and came back withouth the block. 

But otherwise great game!

Nice concept! It took me some time to really understand what I have to do but after that it was a lot of fun! Amazing how much story you've included! 

Great work!

Wow, really great game, I had a lot of fun! I bet you could build super complex levels with that concept! Actually I would love to see some kind of full version of this concept!

Also props for the dwarf AI, I bet there went quiet some logic into his movement!

Maybe a hands on tutorial would have been nice where you learn how each command works but thats maybe a bit out of the scope of a 3 day jam!

Great work!

Wow! Your game looks so polished! I loved the funny entry dialog... you can bet I've klicked the wrong option a few times :D

Only thing I can mention is that on a 4K Screen you see more of the map than you should, i could see some out of bounds things I wasn't supposed to see.

Otherwise really fun game!

It took me some time to understand what it was I had to do but after that I had a lot of fun!

The visuals, are so pretty, man!

Maybe a tutorial would have been nice, but overall a really great game!

Ok, at first I thought this was another flappy bird clone but man, that was far from a clone! The concept is great and was a lot of fun. Only thing I would change is the tutorial text, I love how you included it in the gameplay but I moved way to fast to read everything.

One question comes to mind after reading your games page... are you really 13? If yes WOW! Just WOW! This is so impressive!

Keep it up! Great work!

I had no idea what the mechanic was doing all that time I dropped my car of at the repair shop :D

Your concept war really nice maybe you could add a few more cars and some more tools to fix different parts (like some cleaning gear for the windows)

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to interact with the ai but I hade a lot of fun.

The death animation is kinda cute, you definetly get bonus points for that!

First of all: An intro sequecen on a gamejam game?! Amazing, really!

I really loved the art! But man what happens to the bird if you collide with something? Is he made of TNT?

Really liked the style! Super minimalistic but spot on! The movement was a lot of fun and so was the game!

I had kind of a hard time with the ammount of enemies, maybe a aoe attack would be a nice post jam addition :)

Who haven't felt the need to shoot on a raincloud if it rains five days on end? Finally I can do this!

I really loved the visuals! They are super cute! Only negative thing I can think of is that you can trap yourselve between the left wall and the log, anyhow you included the reset position button so i think you are aware about that.

Great entry, especially for you first game! 

I had so much fun with this game! I just wish there were a third solider to hop on our back.

Only thing that would have made it better would be if the laser was red, otherwise the game was a real banger!

Cool game, nice touch that you can interact with some objects multiple times!

I totally lost my trust in the Thic Door 1000 :D

The story sounded really cool!

Nice pixel art, and music. Idea was on spot!

Maybe the hitboxes of some map objects were a little to big, i got stuck a few times. 

Good job! Really liked your game!

Great game! I took some time to figure out what to do but after I got a hang of it it was really cool!

The dialoges were really funny, i had a great time! 

Only thing to note would be that the ammount of taxes you have to collect are a little high, I needed a lot of tries to complete the second level. 

You really got the creepy ! Sadly I couldn't find the cave I've always got eaten by the monsters.

Maybe you could increase the monster count a little?

Woha, that donkey is one really stubborn partner :D

I liked the concept, and the art was cute!

Bonus points for the tutorial, I immediately knew what to do!

Fun idea! Sadly i was stuck a few times and had to restart.

Extra points for the trigger warning!

Really liked the vibe!

I created a really nice artwork :) or did I only printed one?

I really like the art. The text scrolled super fast so it took me quiet some time to get what i have to do.

Extra points for the trigger warning :)

The sprites looked really cool, i loved the atmosphere, sadly i havn't found a way to actually hit the zombies.


Thank you all for voting and commenting! I made it to #33, which is really cool. Had a blast!