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Thank you all for voting and commenting! I made it to #33, which is really cool. Had a blast!

Really cool game! Loved the color sceme and especially the mega man like music! Had a ton of fun playing!

I love the art! And croc is so cute! I'm not that good at bullet hells but still had a lot of fun!

Thanks for your feedback! There is definetly a need for a tutorial, you are right! Maybe a tutorial level with a not that far away goal. Otherwise I think the first level has a good size!

Hope you still had some fun!

Thank you so much! Glad to hear that you had so much fun! Saw your time on the game page! To my knowledge you are #1 right now!

What a cool game! I loved that the boars didn't die because they were so cute I imagined I saved them from the big eye by scaring them with mushrooms!

Also really loved the narrative on the games page!

One of my favorites so far!

Amazing Game! Everything felt super polished and the graphics looked super good! Had a lot of fun smashing rocks!

Took me a bit to get used to the controls and avoid falling of the track but after this the game was really fun! Plus you've nailed the theme!

I love domino! Cool game!

I'm with Blue_Giant, i love the art and the concept is really great but the delay sadly made timing the jump nearly impossible. With the jump fixed I think it would make for a really great game!

This is one really cool game! Really hard but once you get how the controls work it's super fun. And nailed it when it comes to unconventional!

Cool game! Just would have loved to have the timer reset once you died. Loved the rainbow character!

Thank you so much! Super glad to hear that you had so much fun! I'm curious if you can beat the 19.49 seconds!

Great game! Just showed me how much my mind is programmed to jump into hearts and dodge spikes... Even after my third run I found myselfe instantly jumping into a heart once I see one :D

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But please no WinRar🙈

Really unique concept! Loved it!

I thought my 6k score was good... but looking at the comments i really sucked :D Anyways, great game! Loved it!

Amazing! To my knowledge this places you on second place. (The best time I saw so far was 19:49). Thanks for playing!

How do you sceduled your day? Were you going all in and did nothing except working on your game?

I for my part went all in and pushed through the first like 40 hours until I was so tired that I've spept for around 13 hours. Which was kind of an obvious outcome. I think next time I try to stay somewhat on my normal sleeping schedule because thinking gets kinda hard after being awake for more than 24 hours. But except of eating I really did nothing else the whole weekend.

Also really happy with how my game turned out! I had so much fun! And would have never thought what I can do in 72 hours! 

Sadly there is an annoying bug i tried fixing like half of the third day. Sadly I discovered the solution for that problem 20 minutes before the jam ended.

But as far as I know nobody actually noticed until now.


Loved the art style! Once I got a grasp of what I need to do the game was a lot of fun!

Movement and shooting feels really great! Also liked the pixel art groceries and that you really have a banana as weapon! Great game!

I would go anywhere for LT Cool! Loved the mechanic!

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Cool game! I really liked how you inversed every item and enemy! I thought the title was latin at first :D

Funny wizard bird. Was this Corax?

Definetly adding item switching with number keys later! Also wanted to add a fast forward function that you don't have to wait that long for the car to fly. Thanks for playing!

Those people really need to get their directions together :D JK! Really liked the game! The dying animation was hilarious!

Wow I didn't knew how much fuss I caused when I lost that swimring back then. Just kidding, fun little game!

You nailed the topic! Controlling the arms was quiet hard to learn but really fun once you know how to control them! Had a lot of fun!

Ok, this one is hard... The gameplay was really good and fun, just a little bit to much farting for my taste, but I guess this was unconventional indeed. Overall a great game!

Really cool platformer! Movement felt really good!

Loved the art style and the narrative! 

I really love this game! The style is super cute and the mechanics work really good! Had a lot of fun!

Great game! And a way better option than doing this IRL

Hey, actually already played your game yesterday! Really liked it!

That was a really cool game! The intro part was super cool and kinda mysterious! Loved it!

Great game! The graphics are super simple but really atmospheric! Love it!