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PLEASE put this game on PC i loved this game and spent hours and hours on it but my phone broke ;(. 

When is Beta 6 coming out? I'm excited :)

Does the game have an ending? I already killed all the Big Rock guys that camp at the bottom-right

Download it on then search Ravenfield, then donwload,

Do you have winrar? did you extracted the zip? the time you got the Pink screen?

Dude what setup? Ravenfield setup?

Have you tried reinstalling Ravenfield?

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Yes you can run the game but turn off your antivirus when installing RavenField.. Then you can turn on your Antivirus after the installation.

Lol the A.I is pro xd

Controlling the helicopter got easier lol

Have you tried turning it off and on again? and be sure your graphic cards have the latest driver version. Try to reinstall it

Turn off ur antivirus cuz its blocking a .dll file that does the coloring, turn off your antivirus

I made my character gold :D (u can actually) ...still can't get da GOLD AK