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Current Stand Master: Hatsuro Cento

Stand: Gear

Namesake:  Metal Gear Solid game

Power: B

Speed: D

Range: F

Durability: A

Precision: B

Potencial: A

Appearance: A Heavy Tech-looking gauntlet that the user uses to fight with his right arm

Ability: (Before Death) Gear Multiply by two the opponent's damage taken by the gauntlet. Can also  work on objects, buildings, etc.

(After Death) Gear can revive its user for thirty seconds, then:

-If the user touches or is touches by any other human or animal being within the thirty secondsmark, gear will activate itself and will deflect all of the damage taken by the user to the being, he will then be officially revived (Does not work on objects or buildings);

-If the user is unable to touch or be touched  by anyone within the same mark, the user will die and Gear will find another "Servant"

Stand cry: None

User(Before Death): Don't think you can survive...

User(After Death- IF able to deflect damage): Fate doesn't want me to die yet!