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Wow very nice  this is epic, amazing and fantastic VN i ever read.. whoa thanks for sharing this , i hoping this vn is focusing on story less horny..

ahhhww makes my heart jump of joyy .. finally im excited deejay uwu馃槏馃槉

OUH... interesting vn new reader here hhe

Be safe buddy 

馃槴馃槴馃榿 There no still English translation. Ughhh.. 馃槶馃槶馃槶

 i have no telegram account.. 

yay this update is not for free even the older version of it hysss i miss this vn i because i cant afford to buy it...馃槗馃槗馃槗馃槗馃槗馃槗

as always I hope next update the MC are renamenable 

wow deejay this vn have a great improvement.... thanksssss the update now this vn have a color now hahahaha bad english but realy thank for the effort buddy... am always looking forward for your great workkkk.. keep it up

饟伖鈥筐搧 yeah its anya face.. 饟伖鈥筐搧桂搧光筐搧桂搧光筐搧

饟伖鈥筐搧 hhe Xd 饟伖鈥筐搧

Who want to lick cums from your hunksss daddys here.. Ughhh

. Just draw cumssssss of them then lick it...!!! Every now and then.. Even until your death... Ughh. 

Everybody here to get horny because of fictional character...( im not bitter but accept the truth馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮) 

Duh even me but i accept the truth.... 馃檮

Duh you even not realize  that walter are fictional character.. How do you lick Walter cumsss plss thinkzzzzz plzzz ughh... You people we are in real world not in art world.... 

Yayy thank you very much.... From the bottom of my heart.. 馃挄馃挄馃挄

I don't care either.. 

Duh.. Im joking

Ahhh thank you.. Hhhhhha

Yeahh so hot daddy lars馃槝馃槝

Me waiting for public update:鈽狅笍馃拃馃懟

nahhhhhh!!!!!! im not a kiddd...

I think this VN is nice but for rich people only.. Hhhhe. Not for the poor.. Hyss

may ask? in this current update will end in when king ramus push kieran into the cliff or whatsoever called by that crystal ....??? im confused am new reader here please answer me....

Majority voted by 31M of pilipino people d namn po yan shameful alam nman hyys negative mindset talaga ouh.. By the hyss sayang ang VN mo nag hahantay lang ako ahh

. Take your time and take care of yourself..

Ehh really??? Why affected by that if bong2x Marcos win for president

I think after they finish tais routes .. And they start working in Lukas 

Hey platier.. I got a problem why i got a patreon version when i download it in the link.. While im not a patreon member hyss the last public version of this VN are not compatible to the patreon build when i try to paste it into my older version... Hysss pls help me 

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Yeahh this VN is sooooo good and very exciting story line and i cried in the scene when hunter killed accidentally by wolf.. (sorry spoilers alert hhhe) really i like this.. May be you. Should be fixed some stuff of your Vn their are several spelling and grammar are wrong written.. I hope you fixe it... Hhhhhhw by the way you have a great job..... Good luck relly I don't care the horny stuff now i really care the flow of the story... Wewww... And hory stuff is a bunos hhhhhe

Ngeeeeh its only for patreon.. Ughh more patients for public people here.. Ughh huhuhuhuujuhuh..

Wowowowowoww my shoichi got an update. Yayyyyyyayyyyy... 馃挄馃挄

All of them UwU... 馃榿馃榿

YAYyyyyy thank you.... 馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄

Yayyyyy thank you... 馃挄馃挄馃挄馃槝馃槝

Yayayayayyyyyyyy thank you so much...


Sorry to say this VN kinda boring... Ughh i cant endure to read, i tried but.. Ughh make me zZzZZzz.. 

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My mind cant replaceable to me with MC because MC lock in Jonathan hhha when the narrators say the name with MC i can't replace my self to the MC hyss (sorry bad English ughh) 

Must better you used YOU  or I, instead of MC name..or something else we can relate our self to the story. To be honest i feel little bored when i read this VN.... 

And to be honest also this VN have nice story. Such a nostalgic vn.... Yeah.. 

.. May be little bored when i read it... 

.... May i continue or not read it.. 


Btw such a good job and thanks for sharing this... 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

The characters are colorless :))  hhhhhe.. I really enjoy your VN thank you for sharing this.. 馃槉

I like your VN..  the character style art.. This is my truth feed back not gonna lie, it nice story line  and may be you add some background art especially it the forest scene and the transition of the character when gone or appear in the screen ( for me its annoy me a little) and the expression of the character you may work that.. Little work.. And i experience a minor bug 

OVERALL : yeah this VN is highly recommended and i love it specifically in fantasy vn.. Like this. And thank you for sharing im always looking forward.... Sending virtual hug to u.. 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 (sorry for bad English, because English is not my native language) 

happy two years anniversary ,, sending virtual hugs y all... :)