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Hey :) Enjoyed your game, nice work. I liked the setting and the scares.

I have some vision issues so I replayed with different settings since I think the vid was a little dark. Here's the one a little brighter, I still didn't go after the princess though. I saw your comment now and if I retry again I might free her hahaha. I also don't think I can directly reply, but that's ok.

Also, whoever downvoted my little comment--you're absolutely ridiculous in life. Lighten up. It's a game, not a graduate thesis. This is why no one plays.

Hey, played your game :) Loved the graphics and the atmosphere, especially the random creature noises that made it feel like something was following. I found the letters and discovered your...princess, though I didn't get inside. I was satisfied with not saving her. My first play is straight, second has some editing/light comments. Great game, good luck if you continue, enjoyed.

My first gameplay of this recorded like crap, but I'd never seen the commercial and had no idea what it was. This was both hilarious and terrifying. Got out once and then couldn't pass him again. I replayed since the graphics were lovely and I wanted another shot at the title, so I was a little more tactical. Still lost (and got lost) but at least I made it out. Loved the Christmas horror, thanks for creating :)

Hey, enjoyed the short game! I liked the different halls and that one overly-aggressive door. I can't tell from your description above if this game is winnable or not. If so, I'd love to know. If not, it's great as it is. A longer one would be great if you're still creating. Cool concept, thanks :)

Enjoyed your game, what an incredible journey to discover that there's nothing there. Graphics and scares were great and I liked the method/mentality to get both endings. Lots of fun and solid horror, thanks for creating :)

I also hit a bug on the court where the ball rolls away and disappears forever. Here is that gameplay:

Great game, I liked the basketball portion of it and I could almost get a perfect shot. Only thing I'd like is an indicator sound/light that you're on the target! The horror was great too, I loved the sudden switch. Enjoyed this, thanks :)

Loved your game, the scares were very effective and the graphics were lovely. Never knew what to expect. The 'stay on the path' part was well-done, I didn't bother to see what happens if you don't. If this is your first game, you did an excellent job :) Thanks for creating.

Great short game, I likedfiguring out how to get both endings. Loved the graphics and the atmosphere, never really sure what to expect (or even what was happening). I suppose I'm happy that I'm a killer and that's Paradise. Enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)

So I absolutely did not beat the game and went straight to intern hell, however I did make it to Stage 4 and got quite far before I fell into the weeds. Loved the graphics and the gameplay, I'm sure with a few more tries I'd beat it. Enjoyable game, thanks for creating :)

Great game. very phobic and the ending was true horror. I liked the customers and immediately got bad vibes from the nutty one. Dialogue was realistic, making him creepier. Enjoyed, thanks :)

Great game, I like the crisp simple graphics and the storyline pacing. Both times I played the ghost managed to surprise me. Enjoyed the storyline and the choice of taking ownership of your dark deeds (my interpretation of the endings). Also, if you are really yourself, based on the testing room. Thanks for creating :)

Great short game, just totally hopeless. I enjoyed the futility of trying to find a clean seat on the bus only to be promptly devoured by the bus. The female's voice made it funnier(?). Enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)

Great game, realistic and awkward. I hung out for quite a while with the talkative one, sorry about the girl problems. Only struck out a couple times and actually didn't go on my phone once throughout. Anyway, enjoyed the experience and the afterparty, thanks! :)

Hey, awesome game. I loved the shooter element, reminded me of SNES games. Timing your shots and manipulating time via the speed of your movements takes a little, um...time to get the hang of but then it's very addictive. Doesn't seem to be an ending but if you don't restart you can play unlimited mode and never die. Had fun, thanks for creating :)

Nice short cosmic horror game. I liked the info on the stars and the colorful graphics. It's funny that you both get the urge to run/hide from the beast but also can't look away when it arrives. Enjoyable experience, thanks for creating :)

Realized later that there was no audio (new computer) but I enjoyed the game so I replayed just to get the sound. I'm glad I did since I found more pictures. Still a pleasant experience even if you have to die. Thanks again.

Loved the graphics and the mellow atmosphere of the game. What a terrible and slow way to die. I'd hoped to fight back a little more but I guess that's the price of stepping onto folk land. The sheep might have been my favorite. Enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)

Great, short game with beautiful graphics and a spooky atmosphere. Your creature was quite an interesting type and I enjoyed getting a close look at him. The short maze was interesting too, especially with the surprise. Had a good time playing, thanks for creating :)

Lovely short game, lovely horror. Ambience was great and the graphics were beautiful. I liked the scares and the storyline. The artwork and photos were interesting too, although the faces scratched out on the family portrait was a sign that my time on the planet was short. Enjoyed the experience and the visuals, thanks for creating :)

Loved your game, a good mix of gambling addiction and unavoidable horror. The voice from the chasm and the meaningless nature of the gifts felt dystopian. Enjoyed the graphics too. Thanks for creating. :)

Fun game, took a minute to figure out what was happening and what the correct order was, i.e. how not to get the wolf demonically sacrificed to the cosmic beast. Loved the graphics, the crowd was both funny and creepy regardless of whether they were pleased. Thanks for creating :)

Great game, lots of fun. I wasn't prepared for how addictive it could get. Once you get the hang of it and apply tactics you immediately start dreaming of becoming a vampire overlord. It's so do-able, dream big! Felt very arcade, enjoyable experience. Thanks for creating :)

Hey, tried out your demo/prototype. I really liked the concept and the game's mission. Even though death was disabled it still felt tense, especially with the explosions growing louder in certain areas and the markers for the dead soldiers. Not sure if the demo has an ending but I did find the trench. Propaganda posters were a nice touch. Thanks for creating :)

Awesome short experience. Loved the graphics and the storyline.  Also enjoyed the fruitlessness of collecting glyphs that will kill you but you do it anyway, regardless of the obvious signs. I spotted your ghost under the stall and knew the end was near. Great game, had fun, thanks for creating :)

Hey, amazing experience, I enjoyed the journey a lot. The horror was effective as well as illuminating for the symptoms of the disease, in which you can't escape or stop what's happening. I liked the sections with the questions/images and the quote at the end was a bright, hopeful touch. Loved the graphics and the pacing, thanks so much :)

Great extended version, I enjoyed the original and this one too. The maze felt spooky and the graphics were nice, although the ending was equally hopeless even with extra effort. Had fun playing, thanks for creating :)

Great short game, loved the maze and the hammer breaking. The random thuds made me think there was someone inside with me and although there's no visual scares, it would've been great to see a man/creature inside, especially the end (I played 2x to make sure I didn't miss it). Gameplay was fun and you have to hustle to manage the battery, but it wasn't too difficult. Enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)

Hey, loved your game :) Nice graphics, I liked how the mood would change along with the colors from intense to mellow to almost complete shadow. The music made it better, although Med difficulty left me a little insane and the music amplified that. I enjoyed it though only beat Easy, and found it relaxing to run around. Spooky but no creature. Thanks for creating.


So my first play I threw everything absolutely everywhere and lost an item I needed, so I learned not to do that. The game is cute and enjoyable, gave an ominous feeling as you continue aiding the bunny. Loved the subtle shifts as the story darkens and the ending. Thanks for creating :)

Nice game, liked the graphics and found them cute(?). The pacing was nice and the gunshots were jolting, even when I was expecting it. Would've loved to see the stalker but it's ominous that he doesn't appear. Enjoyed the experience, thanks for creating :)

Fun game, loved the graphics and the sense of impending doom. Very phobic too, I could tell right away which guy was going to be trouble. Felt like a short little horror flick. Enjoyable (and relaxing?), thanks for creating :)

So I didn't beat the game but I did figure out how to hide out of bounds of the stalker, so I watched him fruitlessly chase me for a while and then played tag with him a few times. I managed to get the key on my first run but then every run after that my stalker friend popped up immediately and wouldn't leave. Enjoyed the graphics and the game, thanks for creating :)

Great game, I liked the maze style, you had to really pay attention to turn the corners, especially during the chase. I managed to escape the creature on my third try and completed the platform area, although I couldn't figure out the ending and got stuck in the looping rooms. At that point I accepted death, which was probably coming anyway. Regardless, had fun playing. Thanks for creating :)