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Also with the android controls and minigames, I found it hard but that's good, great job making a good old fashioned game. 

Could you make the save data accessible in android, i have to move phones and im going to lose progress. To the android/data

Epic , been playing since chapter 7

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Android, it downloads as a zip, without an apk

Save file location for android?

I can't find the save file location,  android

There are no problems with crashing or performance (Android 11)

Hey guy who made this

 you did an amazing job with it ,the story has amazing depth and has so much content. The  NSFW parts were not about the sex it was about the love they share for one another ^loved that part of it^

you  donut all you do is watch furry hentai in your moms basement , this game is too  high class for you especially with imbreading in your family (i nailed it didn't i) did i go too far? 

Its me again , saying that I would love to have a story about verissa, I wondering if the story would feel as genuine, bec kael is gay (Im assuming) (i know its wrong to assume) Anyway thx for your work on the game(its so much more than a game!) I hope you become a billionaire and have the most amazing life, if that happens don't  forget this game. 

Thx for the big update all your fans really enjoy your work! 

Still no update.... 

Well good night then

Big black hairy ones

Is it delayed?

Lol same every year ignore it

Did not fit in box

What did you guys do on valentines day

I HAD THE MOST AMAZING IDEA. Having a phone case with them on 

Done shipping tomorrow, includes poster


Non gay people want verissa also (me) 

Consider it ordered to your house

You would drill a hole through the thing..

I want a body pillow of vul or ranok


You have no idea how long i  have been looking for furry anime, thx for all the work! Reviewers is hentai (when you have the uncensored version) 


Will the update be for  all the platforms?

Not that i know...

Loved hellsing i wished they made bones show in there gore though..

Thanks alot, seen a few of them already, future diary is quite twisted

Not that is is bad, still somewhat heterosexual after playing this vn (surprisingly) 

I  like the adult genre not like echi  as in swearing good, amount of gore good story

Like the genre

Is it just me or are most of the furry virtual novels gay?

I recommend


Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon 

Anyone recommend good anime

On what, as in what will be in the next update? 

Hitler could be made gay