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I can't wait for this. I started following when Cove's story was still a demo and now I'm here along for this journey and I can't wait to see it !! <33

omg that's crazy !! definitely happy to hear it. I wonder where they're at in production 

omg I'm so excited !!! No idea what to expect since you've said his route will be quite different from the other ones, and that's just made me more excited for what's to come - especially considering the amount of work you've out into this entire game! Can't wait :D

The plot twist was insane! Can't wait for the rest of the game to be released !! 

I love this so much !! I love how the change in dialogue relied on what decisions you had made in 'previous lifetimes', it took me by surprise and I loved it so much. I'm still trying to get over the art style for this entire game, it's so beautiful and I highly recommend it <33

That's perfectly fine for his route to flow differently, it will make his experience more memorable and refreshing since it'll be new and unexpecting! <3

I just finished Magnus' route and I absolutely loved every interaction MC had with Yuu, so to say I'm excited for his route to be fully released is an understatement. Can't wait !!! <33

I love them both so much !! I cannot wait to see their individual character growths as well as friendship growth <33

100% agree with you 

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I'm gonna end up  procrastinating all my assignments for this and I'm not even mad about it, Gilded Shadows is always worth it.

Yay can't wait to play it!! I had honestly thought this game was abandoned, glad to see I was wrong 

Having some difficulties with downloading.... :((
(Using the itch app on windows) I go to press 'Install' and it doesn't work, saying "An error occurred during installation No manager for installer unknown" 

I'm absolutely in love with this demo! Can't wait for more & wishing you all the best for the development ! <333

can't wait to play it! i love your games and art style so much <33

So glad to hear everything's going so well for Quill's route! Good luck with Reuben's and I hope it's production goes smoothly :)

I'm so excited ! Can't wait to explore every character and the forever thrilling plots you create <33

Omg I loved this demo so much, crying with happy tears ;-; The cliffhanger is just shocking and amazing. So many question around Mr Mysterious Emrys that I look forward to see answered through future game play. :D

Can't wait to see where this game goes !!

Hope the development of Quill's route goes well and smoothly !! Wishing you the best and can't wait for the release :D

so uhh ... should we start considering that this may be a dead game ... ??

So excited for this, it just keeps getting better and better !! :D

Thanks for the update ! Can't wait to see how Quill's route will turn out :D

Thank you so much ! I'll definitely try that :D

damn hopefully it gets fixed soon then, I'm  dying to play this and another creator I'm following is finally releasing a game after 2 years. 

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Anyone else having trouble updating or just me?  Like I press 'update' and it just stays "Queued" for hours on end, even though it's the only game that I need to update.


Thank you so much! I was scared I would lose my progress and have to start over again, huge relief haha

Umm .... there doesn't seem to be a 'save' option where I can save my progress?

Omg they both look amazing, can't wait to see more of them !! 


Would really love to see a new update or a notice from the developers. It would be such a shame if this game was abandoned T-T

There are a few options where you can stay quite

Just finished the demo and it is so gorgeous. From the art, to the characters, dialogue and even the soundtrack; it is just an overall beautiful game that is bound to become my new comfort game. I can't wait until the full release !!

How long does it normally take until the full release after the demo has launched? Just curious, no pressure or rush.

Omgg this looks amazing, I'm so excited to playyy !!

Ahh ok gotcha that makes sense. Well then, I can't wait to explore the other characters' routes !

I'm a bit confused, when you get to choose who to work with, all the options only lead to Idris?

Really hope the kickstarter will be successful, this game honestly just deserves to be fully released it's already too good!! I already love the art and the voices of each character so much 

Happy Anniversary!!
This game is a literal comfort game for me, I never get tired of playing it, and the story and characters always put a smile on my face. Can't wait to see how your next projects turn out! Thank you so much for this incredible game!

I downloaded the game but it doesn't work?


Thank you so much :)

Question; How does one start a new character story after finishing another? For instance, I finished James' route and tried starting Caine's, but I can only play chapter 1. 

I'm incompetent someone help please xD

The game stopped crashing after reinstalling it, which is great. But before it would crash every 30 minutes or so.

The game crashes many times and may turn off the device being used