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A member registered Sep 21, 2022

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Super fun lil game, love it <3 keep up the good work.

Very charming, but i do wonder... is there any way of playing it online against friends?

Hard to get 4 controllers for the local gaming... at the very least i would have been happy to use my keyboard aswell.

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Completed so far a couple runs and gotta say it still has a loooong way to go.

Encountered millions of bugs and exploits, getting under the map, finding spots where enemies cant follow, making enemies not able to move at all, making the whole island dissapair.

But at the end its not all that bad, if seen worse... (...insert horrible flashbacks). Givin thats an Early Alpha Game, its playable and has a potential to get to the same highs then games like Risk of Rain did.

Hopefully the Coop experience will be much more evolved in the future so i have finally something new to play with friends or strangers.

Keep up the good work.