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hey... full year now.

all good?

why is it so demanding on my potato pc?

hi this is more for my curiosity, is it dol-see or dol-che?

it's entirely possible and required :(

hey half a year, just checking in: all good?

god bless

two years and I'm still excited 

dude, I remember playing this two years ago. from what I remember it was pretty funny.

I'm loving it so far, however, I must say don't make that guy a pedo, it's too easy from a narrative perspective. nonetheless looking forwards to the next development and your improvment. :)

great to hear, I feel that if the cloak and dagger/ political escapades have consequences that will put a little more weight into the pressure that failing combat impacts. none the less I look forward to the updates and improvement of this!

i kinda just clicked every combo

hey man, this seems to be a diamond in the rough. keep polishing your skills in programming and writing and this has the potential to be something pretty good!

baily's telling me to dress more girly but all the girly clothes are blacked out

tried it, it's pretty good.

so uh when is the next update? just a rough estimation would be nice

this game seems too good to be true, mixed with the lack of comments, the fact there's no update log and how well it seems to be made it looks a little untrustworthy.

how dare you call me a poor horny bastard! it's true but still... hurtful 

hey, a game isn't fun without any challenge. id recommend not making the mc level 99 but instead base it around eating the algae and other things. make it so different foods when eaten enough get you different magic. none the less I'm expected to see improvement from you :)

hey, I remember you mentioning that you suffer from memory loss. has it gotten better? if not my sympathies. 

it no work

(1 edit)

hey chief seems like frequent updates are not your thing ( not being rude) but can you at least listen to a bug i keep running into right after i beat the living sentience kobold ( side note kobolds are the best nice job adding them in ) i get the whole " blah blah blah almost done training hard " then i immediately get a game over there a fix or nah?  

I have the website bookmarked, definitely will buy!

Why the fuck would you make the option to download for free?! this was soooooooo fucking good (just finished it) holy mother fucking Christ was this good! Are you a god? A demon? a master of story writing? ALL?! fuck you how fucking dare you make such a good fucking visual novel! no seriously how could you fucking do this? nothing will beat it! FUCK YOU! 

I loved it, really good.

hey chief could you add the ability to use the wasd key?